Fierce Mild Curated The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For You

Melbourne cinematic art rock outfit Fierce Mild get their claws deep into your psyche with their latest single ‘Solaris’, a sprawling, psychedelic journey that twists and turns with each thrilling guitar lick and explosion of sound.

“Solaris was written entirely as a response to a dream journal,” explain the band. “The result is a linear journey that takes multiple transgressions, tempos and instrumentation shifts erratically at carefully planned points, whilst still maintaining a natural flow, much in the way a dream makes little logical sense but the temporal feeling created is easily understood at the time the dream occurs. The lyrics shift, from past to present to future tense in a matter of a few words, continually playing with the idea of conscious and subconscious interaction.”

In short, it’s a trip. The kind that makes you want to take to the road, leave your world behind for a while and think a little more deeply about life. For that Fierce Mild are here to help. Combining their expertise as a band to curate just for you the ultimate road trip playlist.

With tracks from The Drones, Tycho, Battles, Warpaint, Goat, Thundercat and more, it’s sure to take you on a journey in more ways than one. Give it a spin, hit the road and get thinking. Also, drive responsibly, please.

Fierce Mild’s highly anticipated debut album is due out later this year.

Fierce Mild- ‘Solaris’

First, a few words from the band

The playlist was created to give an insight into our diverse musical taste and influences. We wanted to feature local acts that we love such as The Drones, My Disco and Beloved Elk whose live and recorded works always manage to blow us away.

The dark opener ‘Our Decade’ by My Disco is intended to send you into an uncomfortable space. It’s tribal, pulsating and most of all challenging, and that’s why we love it. Much like our own music, it forces you to enter a realm most shy away from. This should prepare you for the epic ‘Private Execution’ by legends The Drones.

Most of the road trip tracks selected are intended to take the listener on a journey of their own, such as hypnotics tracks like ‘Awake’ by Tycho or ‘The Yabba’ by Battles. Primitive Americana guitarists Robbie Basho’s guitar work in ‘Rocky Mountain Raga’ gently engulfs you into his world, paired with the haunting vocals it makes for a grand and evocative journey.

Road trip regulars Red Neck Manifesto manage to constantly surprise us on journeys, with their twists and turns. It’s always interesting to listen to, there is always something new to find in their work. We think ‘Drum Drum’ encapsulates this.

We also wanted to feature electronica and hip-hop as we listen to a lot! Logic’s huge track ‘Under Pressure’ is a change of pace, using great lyricism to convey his story.

Much like our own music, we hope the selected tracks evoke imagery and an emotional response.

Fierce Mild ‘Solaris’ Tour Dates

Thursday, 2nd March
Newcastle University, Newcastle

Thursday, 2nd March
Rad Bar, Wollongong

Friday, March 3rd
Banquet @ World Bar, Sydney

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