As you delve deeper into the rich loam of Sydney’s music scene you uncover gold and gems worthy of any dragon’s hoard. In recent days more and more sparkly things are coming to light, whether they be bands or events, to shine magnificence into our eyes and ears. One such event is Fuzzbox, which is a monthly Friday night at the Loft bar in UTS. Jordy, the man responsible for this showcase, tells us “the setup is a couple of bands and a DJ, cheap drinks, with a dimly-lit courtyard and free entry. Yes, I scored a pretty sweet deal.”

A pretty sweet deal indeed. There aren’t many places in Sydney to go for cheap drinks and live music that have free entry. Though Fuzzbox is a recent gallery of shiny things already many great indie acts have taken the stage.

“So far there’s been some pretty cool electronic stuff which I’d like to keep getting in. Bands like Megastick Fanfare, We Say Bamboulee, Danimals. But last night was Army Ant (last show sadly) and it was ridiculously loud head-banging fun. So there are no strict genre rules. What made me want to do it was a friend going – ‘You can do this if you want.’ So I did it. I just like to put bands on that I personally enjoy or am at least curious about. The next one is Le Kingste and Border Thieves Fri June 19. And Al from Cloud Control is do some DJing too.”

Sydney has gone through many musical eras, the strata beneath the streets a testament to once great venues where bands such as The Church, INXS and Rose Tattoo strutted their original stuff. Then the meteorite of pokies hit our pubs and suddenly venues were transformed into dens of gambling and iniquity. Recently however, it seems live music is making a resurgence, whether it be different pubs opening their doors to music or the increase of warehouse venues.

“Nothing wrong with more warehouses. Red Rattler is great. More of that. And more people putting on their own gigs. You don’t necessarily have to rely on an established venue. Hire a PA and do it in your backyard… and then invite me and I’ll come get drunk with you. Sweet. In local terms I’ve always thought Newtown could do with a more versatile venue considering how many bands live there. It obviously has some spaces but I think it’s fairly limited as to what bands can play them.”

Newtown could definitely do with a new venue. The Sando is alright but the room’s too damn small.

Perhaps if you were a signed artist with huge commercial appeal you could have your pick, but then why would you play at the Sando?

“I’d be very hesitant signing anything with people I didn’t know well but major labels have worked well for plenty of bands. I think you just have to find people you can trust or do it yourself. Unfortunately both of those are damn hard.”

You’re absolutely right Jordy, you rat bastard. Check out Fuzzbox monthly at Loft Bar UTS.

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