Get To Know Ex-Supergrass Drummer-Turned-Frontman Danny Goffey

Legendary Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey has stepped out from behind the kit to front a brand new solo project under his own name. Hot on the heels of two ripper singles — ‘Ancient Text’ and ‘Buzzkiller’ — the multi-instrumentalist has announced that his first solo record under his au naturale moniker, Schtick will be released on Friday, 22nd June.

Cheeky bugger that he is, Goff has also announced his own Glastonbury festival alternative, the aptly named ‘Goffstonbury’, which will be going down at his Somerset home in the UK this year on the same day as his album release, with some “very special guests” on the lineup. To win tickets, you can pre-order the LP here.

Anyhoo, in celebration of the artist formerly known as Vangoffey’s fresh solo effort, we had a chat with the man himself about the music that makes him tick, and why his haemorrhoids have lessened now that he’s in front of a microphone.

Music Feeds: Take us through a typical day in the life of Danny Goffey?

Danny Goffey: No day is typical for me. I am a self employed nut job with a complete lack of structured week days.

I have four children who all act very randomly, so I frequently have to alter my plans to help them. But I guess I’d be pretty happy with a day that included a few hours writing music, a brief walk in the woods, cooking a family dinner, drinking and gambling, keeping up with a few emails and a bit of time writing answers to questions about my what I do with my days.

MF: How does “Danny Goffey” differ from you past solo moniker Vangoffey?

DG: I just dropped the pun and brought it a bit closer to my full name.

MF: Who would you say are your top 5 musical influences?

DG: Bowie, Dury, Difford, Sinatra, Harris

MF: What are three things you cannot leave the house without?

DG: Wallet, keys, a good pair of slacks.

MF: Do what are your some of your passions outside of music?

DG: Sexual intercourse, painting, cooking, writing, fainting

MF: What was the first song you fell in love with?

DG: ‘Prince Charming’ — Adam & The Ants (I was 6 or 7 yrs old).

MF: The last vinyl album you bought was?

DG: Can’t remember… don’t buy much vinyl.

MF: What were some of your highlights from your last visit to Australia?

DG: Swimming with sharks in my pants in Sydney harbour. Getting lost in the suburbs of Adelaide. Having good times in the bars of the wonderful Melbourne.

MF: Spending a lot of time behind the drums in Supergrass now as a frontman you have a unique perspective on stage dynamics. What are some of the positives and negatives of each role?

DG: It’s really nice to sit down as a drummer (but you have to watch the piles…) It’s less physically strenuous as a frontman, but it is more frightening and mentally exhilarating.

MF: Finally, list three songs in your current playlist you would love everyone to hear.


  1. ‘Umbrella Pedestrians’ — Junior Bill
  2. ‘Rip It Up’ — Orange Juice
  3. ‘How Can You Mend A Broken Heart’ — Al Green

Danny Goffey’s new solo record ‘Schtick’ is set to land on Friday, 22nd June. Pre-order it here.

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