Guide To Iso: Marco’s Top 5 Albums

There’s no way around it, our world has been turned upside down these past few months as the world grapples with trying to slow the spread of coronavirus. Social gatherings are a no-go, live events have been put on an extended hiatus and those of us who aren’t working daily on the frontlines battling this virus and in essential services, are confined to the walls of our homes, more so than ever before. We’ve had to adapt to this new normal of self-isolation and adapt fast.

Luckily, the Australian music and arts community are just that – a community. Ready, willing and able to help each other through these strange times with tips, tricks and some good old know-how, all featured in our new Guide To Iso series!

Next up in the series, is 18-year-old, Brisbane indie-pop sensation Marco who is here to share his top 5 albums to listen to whilst bunkered down in isolation. Oh man, the ~vibes~ in this list.

Blonde (Frank Ocean)

Blonde is probably one of my all-time favourite albums. Whenever I’m in the mood to have a jam, sing-along in the car and vibe, I’ll always throw this album on. I fucking love the whole thing, especially in the parts like ‘Facebook Story’ when its people just talking over chords or whatever, it’s so dope.

Astroworld (Travis Scott)

When I’m ready to attempt to dance and pump some slapping tunes, Travis is where I’m at. I love having friends over and playing the whole album front to back. Jumping around screaming the lyrics whilst the bass kicks you all in the guts, it’s a vibe.

The Human Condition (Jon Bellion)

I’ve listened to this album since it came out in 2016. I’ve always loved watching Jon’s videos of how he writes and produces his music and when I heard this album I literally have never stopped listening to it. Full of tunes.

Love Is Not Dying (Jeremy Zucker)

Definitely a new album to hit my ear waves, but it’s so sick. I’ve always loved Jeremy Zucker for how he uses simplistic production techniques but in a way that gives his listeners a way to reflect on each and every word he sings throughout his songs. Plus his melodies blow my fucking mind.

Anonymous (Blackbear)

Just like Jeremy Zucker’s album, Blackbear’s anonymous album is also quite new to me. After it was released in 2019 I was obsessed with ‘1 Sided Love’ but never really got into the whole album. It wasn’t until the start of this year (2020) when I started really listening to the whole thing. I LOVE how he uses synths and how he chops up sounds to create a really unique vibe with his music.

Listen to Marco’s latest single ‘Only Want You’.

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