Here Are The 10 Best Megadeth Songs Of All Time

Big four thrash champs Megadeth are launching an all-out assault on their Aussie fans.

With their long-awaited Australian tour imminent, Dave Mustaine & co have gifted us with a brand new single, Fatal Illusion, off their just-announced 15TH FUCKING STUDIO ALBUM, Dystopia.

And with a cool XV albums under their Mega-belt, there are more than enough potential “best songs ever” for dedicated metal fans to butt Rattleheads over, so we’ve decided to settle the argument for you once and for all.

To celebrate the Deth’s glorious return to our shores, we’ve put together a list of the definitive top 10 best Megadeth songs of all time.

Have at it.

10. Sweating Bullets

Long, spirited schizoid conversations with one’s own self have probably been the subject of numerous heavy metal songs in the past, but never with so much pizazz.

9. Trust

Thrash purists may despise the mainstream success that was 1997’s Trust, but the Cryptic Writings hit which scorched the Billboard rock charts remains the band’s highest-selling single to date, and with Mega-good reason. It’s got a sick riff, a catchy chorus line and a tasty Flamenco-style guitar bridge, without forsaking any of Mustaine’s trademark sneer and general gingery malevolence.

8. Back In The Day

This lesser-known track off The System Has Failed is not only a catchy-ass hard rockin’ toe-tapper that plunges into an epic chanting battle march, we also have it to thank for this excellent Megadeth/Daffy Duck crossover so frankly your argument is invalid.

7. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

I bet you’re pissed that this near-7-minute epic isn’t higher up on the list. To be fair, Rust In Peace‘s metal opus shows a Megadeth at their peak.

Dave Mustaine welds what are essentially two completely separate songs together into one fiery whole, and both Dave’s and Marty Friedman’s guitar solos are among the best the band ever recorded. Also, the song’s lyrics are critical of religious fundamentalists.

Of course, Mustaine wrote them before he became a devout born-again Christian.

6. In My Darkest Hour

Out of the tumultuous rubble of a So Far, So Good… So What! era Megadeth – a time defined by chemical addictions and an even-more-unstable-than-usual lineup – came the dark, earnest masterpiece that is My Darkest Hour. Mustaine reportedly wrote the song in one sitting, after learning of the tragic death of his former Metallica bandmate, Cliff Burton. The result is a rare glimpse into the raw, no-bullshit side of Megadeth.

5. Hangar 18

As if its super cheesy retro sci-fi video clip featuring beloved Mega-mascot Vic Rattlehead wasn’t awesome enough, this mother-of-all-UFO-conspiracies inspired monster track off 1990’s Rust In Peace is a masterclass of blistering guitar work, which still manages to be catchier than an alien contagion and more fun than an anal probe. Plus bonus points for getting nominated for a Grammy.

4. A Tout Le Monde

When you think of Megadeth, the word “ballad” probably doesn’t spring immediately to mind, but Youthanasia‘s heartfelt dying ode shows that the ‘Deth can get as emotional, meaningful and melodic as the next guy. Dave Mustaine’s powerful lyrics about what he would say to the world, should he have only 3 seconds left to live, are timeless, poetic and profound. Plus he totally speaks French and stuff.

3. Tornado Of Souls

A literal whirlwind of take-no-prisoners thrash riffage packing one of the most insane Megadeth guitar solos of all time, courtesy of the great Marty Friedman (who is undeniably the band’s best ever guitarist) Tornado Of Souls never ceases to blow us away.

2. Peace Sells

What do you mean you don’t support Peace Sells… as one of the greatest Megadeth songs of all time? Au contraire. The politically-charged, bass-driven title track off their breakout 1986 album is clearly one of the greatest and most iconic songs ever written in the history of heavy fucking metal.

1. Symphony Of Destruction

That apocalyptic war-chant of a riff. That screamin’ Marty Friedman guitar solo. Those philosophically epic lyrics. Symphony Of Destruction is a straight-up heavy metal masterpiece. Why else would it have the word “Symphony” in the title. Stick that in your Pied Piper and smoke it, rats.


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