Hey Fever – Accepting Gold Coin Donations

Melbourne indie quartet Hey Fever are taking a path similar to many unsigned indie bands these days. Instead of spending money on pricey video clips and CD manufacturing, they’re opting for digital releases and making their own video diaries, and chatting to Hayden Somerville from the band in the lead up to their show at Purple Sneakers Last Night, you definitely get the impression these guys are having fun while doing it.

Music Feeds: Describe your sound to us in a few words

Hayden Somerville: This is always the hardest question, I came up with this after some serious thought, we sound something like: ‘dancey-post-punk-hippie-stoner-rock’, accompanied by a large, bright, flashing, light constantly smacking you in the eye.

MF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

HS: We recently played at a house party in Carlton with some other rad bands that was put on by Poncho. That was personally one of my favourite gigs to date. Free drinks and party fun time with no rules and various breakables, that’s why I love house parties.

MF: Your EP Codes was release as a free digital download, what were some of the reason behind that? Did you have physical copies as well, or just digital? Do you think having a free digital release benefitted the band in a big way?

HS: I think that it’s the best way of sharing our music with the world.

When your renting, with life bills, a part time job, at Uni and struggling to buy food, like most of our fans, friends and family are, having money to see live music and buy a few drinks is hard enough. If you love our music and dig our live shows, why shouldn’t you get the music for free?

They put in the effort to show up and lose their shit, so we’re happy to have some free music out there.

If you really want to help us out, I will accept gold coin donations.

It’s not like anyone makes money of selling music now anyway, right? I’d rather people know the songs than some extra loose change.

MF: You’ve got a video tour diary up on Youtube, are there plans for more installments of behind the scenes style videos from Hey Fever?

HS: Yeah, I shot the last one throughout N.S.W and Q.L.D. I would love to shoot some more on the road.

It’s just a chance to show people what we do when we go out there, and prove that we actually do shows interstate, not just hit pubs and drink.

I might even pull the camera out for the Purple Sneakers gig this Friday, see what troublesome events I can capture.

I have learnt that airport staff freak out when dudes with beards take lots of photos and shoot film, especially when boarding the plane on the tarmac. Lame.

MF: Video diaries are something which have been pioneered by bands like Short Stack over recent years. As the technology gets cheaper, do you think it’s something we’re likely to see a bit more of in the future?

HS: I definitely do think that the technology is so cheap to shoot decent film these days. And yes we are more likely to see extra band footage and some more low budget films.

Short Stack – Lame: Why did they think they could referene Hunter S. Thompson in their album title?

That just hurt my feelings.

I didn’t know they had video diaries, but I’m sure 12 year old girls dig it.

MF: What would be the first three songs you’d put on a mix tape?

HS: Charming Man – The Smiths

Simon Says – Pharoah Monche

Kirk Van Houten (Father of Millhouse) – Can I Borrow A Feeling

MF: What is next on the cards for Hey Fever in terms of touring, recording, writing, releasing etc?

HS: We are really just concentrating on finishing the next EP.vIt’s looking like the title will be No Matter How Many Of Them.

We finish up mixing/mastering with Lindsay Gravina in mid-August, but we still need to record the final few songs…SHIT.

We just need to stop going out, stay home, be sensible and record them.

This is a lot harder than it sounds.

As for touring, most of our shows have been in Melbourne recently so it will be cool to play Purple Sneakers on Friday. Once this new EP’s out we’ll more than likely hit the road in support of that too, so look out for updates on that. We’re hoping that’ll be before the end of the year.

Whether it’s plucking away or scribbling down ideas on paper we are constantly writing something.

We can’t wait to get these recordings done and just kick back and jam some ideas.

Stress free music is awesome.

Hey Fever are playing at Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’ this Friday July 29th with Bhanglassi


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