How You Can Make Music Your Life At This WA Uni

For most people reading this, figuratively at least, music is life. For students studying music at WAAPA, music is literally life. And what a diverse, innovative and exciting life it is. One filled with creativity, joy and artistic fulfilment.

A life where one moment they could be attending a tutorial with an internationally renowned composer, then the next they could be up on stage performing an explorative new musical piece in front of a knowledgeable and adoring audience. A life where they can team up with 123 other performers from every musical discipline you could imagine to create a couple of awe-inspiring compositions or join forces with 83 fellow jazz students to give a jazz classic a bold new reading. A life where they spend all of their time acquiring the knowledge, skills and connections required to turn their passion, their talent, their very reason for being, into their livelihood. A life where every day is ‘tunesday’ and the alluring aura of endless possibility radiates from everyone they see. Sounds like a wonderful life to us!

The good news is, it could be your life too. If you go west to WA’s Edith Cowan University and enrol in the Bachelor of Music at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Why would you train anywhere else?

But aren’t University music programs stuffy places for boring traditionalists?

Some are. This one’s not though. In fact, studying music at WAAPA means embarking on a life that brings joy and fulfilment to audiences and performers alike. There’s the theory, of course, but there’s also a lot of performing fun as well! Even in 2020.

I mean check out this 84 piece WAAPA Jazz Extravaganza playing ‘After You’ve Gone’

Sounds good, how does WAAPA do that?

By combining exceptional teaching from internationally renowned music professionals, networking possibilities and an almost endless array of performance opportunities. With graduates producing ARIA Award-winning albums, performing in major symphony orchestras, topping the charts, touring the world as solo artists, writing music for film and many other exciting musical careers, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.

Performance opportunities? Like concerts?

Yes! With over 100 evening concerts a year, three busy lunchtime concert series, a stack of special events, tours, masterclasses, visiting guest artist sessions and the option to perform with musical theatre and opera companies, WAAPA music students have an almost unlimited amount of chances to perform and put into practice everything they’ve been learning in the program.

What would I be playing?

Depends on what you choose to study. With programs offered in classical instrumental/ vocal, jazz, contemporary performance, contemporary artist, composition/music technology and music education, the Bachelor of Music provides a diverse array of options and students are encouraged to think outside the box in pursuit of excellence and if ‘Brave the Wave’ is anything to judge it by, the current students take that challenge very seriously indeed.

Two original compositions, featuring 124 performers from every corner of WAAPA’s classical music department, including guitars, saxophones, voice and composition. Recorded entirely on student’s phones, ‘Brave The Wave’ was produced entirely by undergraduate students with no professional involvement. Clearly they’re being taught well because OMG I think I like modern classical music now!

That seems like a lot of fun!

It does! It could be your fun. You could join the likes of Meg Mac, Tim Minchin, Dulcie, Stella Donnelly, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Luke Reynolds, ShockOne, KUČKA and many others as alumni of Music at WAAPA. To learn how, head on over to the WAAPA page.

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