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Hungry Kids Of Hungary – Exploring musical sides

Written by Jason Strange on October 19, 2010

The boys from Hungry Kids Of Hungary have had a massive year: tours; recording; new album; and national airplay. jThe band have been on a great ride in 2010. To top it off, a number of spots on various summer festival bills; the guys are literally riding the wave. In the midst of a massive four-month tour, the guys somehow found a moment to let us know about the tour so far, their influences of so-cal punk rock and classic rock n roll.

MF: What’s the latest from the Hungry Kids of Hungary camp?

HKOH: We’ve just released our debut album, Escapades. Right now, we’re over in Perth playing some shows at the One Movement Festival. We were in Sydney promoting the album two days before that and in a few days we’ll be in Adelaide. So it’s busy times currently.

MF: Tell us a bit about the new album Escapades?

HKOH: We recorded the album in Brisbane with producer, Matt Redlich (who did Mega Mountain EP). We recorded in a very relaxed environment with no real time constrictions, which allowed us to experiment and tweak songs. We’ve pushed ourselves a little harder, adding string arrangements and exploring other musical sides to the band.

MF: You’ve just started a massive tour; how’s it going so far?

HKOH: We’ve just begun the tour; played the Hi-fi in Brisbane last week and we’re currently in Perth. It’s been great so far. We have blow-up palm trees on stage! Enough said.

MF: Is it daunting or exciting knowing you’ll be on the road for the next four months?

HKOH: We’re actually pretty excited to get out and play some of the album tunes! Sure, our physical and mental health will have deteriorated significantly by the time we play our Newcastle show (final show of the tour) but that’s part of touring. You have to accept that early on I think.

MF: What’s the best and worst thing about touring?

HKOH: Best thing is hanging out with your friends playing music, travelling to interesting places, and the characters you meet on the road. The worst/hardest part is staying on top of your health – getting sleep, not losing your voice, attempting to eat well etc.

MF: What album/artist made you say, “I want to be in a band”?

HKOH: I was a huge fan of 90s so-cal punk bands like No Use For A Name and Lagwagon. I learnt a lot of their songs on guitar in my teens and I’d say that made me want to join bands initially.  I’m also influenced by my dad’s record collection – The Beatles, The Zombies, The Beach Boys. This is the music of my childhood. The Hungry Kids are heavily influenced by these classic type bands.

MF:  How many songs are on your iPod?

I don’t have an iPod. But I buy physical copies of music – loving new Arcade Fire, Dr Dog and Villagers records.

MF: Favourite gig you’ve ever seen?

HKOH: The Shins- London, 2006.

MF: What would be the first track you’d put onto a mix tape?

HKOH: Probably a Ben Folds Five song. I’d go with Kate.

Hungry Kids Of Hungary play the Open Arms Festival in Port Macquarie on November 20th. The album Escapades is available now.

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