ILUKA Shows The Beauty In Vulnerability & Heartbreak On ‘Fall Apart Again’

Premiering via Music Feeds today is Sydney artist Iluka’s new single and clip, ‘Fall Apart Again’.

Bringing versatility and vulnerability to the table on this new single, the dream-pop track sees Iluka delivering her strongest performance yet.

She explains that this is “a song I am a little terrified to release into the world because it is so painfully close to my heart. What to say… heartbreak, love lost. There’s no human words to articulate it.”

“I wrote this on the eve of the end. When I knew it was over but I couldn’t say those words. Instead I sat on your bed and wrote you this song, as you drank black coffee and smoked cigarettes, listening to every word. Thank you love for shattering me open into a million tiny pieces. Somehow I found a way to put myself back together and bring you this little slither of my heart.”

The track sees her collaborating with The Preatures’ Jackson Moffitt on production, once again, pushing her to cross this confident path.

Though the bright single was born from a painful moment, there’s nothing but resolution felt throughout the track, a journey of catharsis if anything.

She’s also shared a clip to accompany the single, showcasing an intimate performance of the track between Iluka and the camera.

“I had this idea of making the video my final goodbye. My final let go. I wanted it to be based around a single performance of me singing into camera as if I was singing to the man I wrote this song for. It was an intense process but also very cathartic,” she said.

“We then over-layed various other performances of me singing the song, embodying a different kind of emotion that I felt in the moment of writing the song, as I was saying goodbye to someone. Some more intense, and others more reflective. There is so much feeling going on in that moment of saying goodbye to someone you’ve loved. The video is meant to embody all those feelings of the different facets of myself. The intense me, the reflective me, the painfully sensitive me, the wild and reckless me. It’s all there. Just as I hoped it would be. And just as it was in that final goodbye.”

Watch the clip below.

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