INTERVIEW: Generik Talks New Single ‘Late At Night’ & His Time As A Channel [V] Host

Producer, DJ and former host of Messed Up on the sadly departed Channel V, Melbourne’s Tyson O’Brien – aka Generik – is one of the countries fastest up and coming figures in the world of dance and electronic music. Having topped the iTunes and ARIA Club charts with his debut single The Weekend (ft Nicky Van She), he’s just released his followup, the equally party ready Late At Night.

On top of the success of his own music, O’Brien has also been catching the eye of many of the dance music community’s heaviest hitter, being hand picked by Calvin Harris to open things up at the uber-producers residency at Las Vegas superclub OMNIA after the two met six year prior. Also doing the rounds at other sin city hotspots such as Hakkasan and Wet Republic, the young Aussie is living the dream while working his ass off.

Making some time in his busy schedule to chat to us he gave us the low down on life in LA, the downfall of Channel [V] and his dream of working with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.


Music Feeds: So your press release describes you as a party monster, is that what inspired Late At Night?

Generik: Hahaha I’ve always loved having a good time and spending quality time with mates, I’m a happy person so naturally I think that comes through in the music I make. I’d like to think/hope that my music makes people happy when they hear it, sing a long and smile!

Your huge debut single The Weekend also seems to draw on similar themes, besides getting loose and having a good time, what else inspires you as a writer?

I’m very lucky that I’ve been able to travel around the world and see many amazing destinations and meet some incredible people, I draw on those experiences when working on tunes.

You recently had a stint as a Channel [V] presenter. Tell us about that time? Did you blossom into manhood in the big bad world of TV production?

I loved it! I was thrown into the deep end as I didn’t really have any training apart from doing a few interviews at Stereosonic but that was essentially it. I had my own show Messed Up and got to share the screen with some amazingly talented deejays / producers going b2b with them live! It was pretty crazy concept, Channel [V] were always ahead of the game and it was truly amazing to be apart of their team!

From an insiders perspective how did you feel after the news it was shutting down operations?

I was pretty devastated. I’d grown up watching their coverage of the Big Day Out and always watched Channel [V]. Also I felt that Messed Up was an amazing concept that could’ve grown into something even more incredible.

Do you think working there helped your career as a producer? What were youre main takeaways from the experience?

I felt I did a lot of growing up during the experience. I certainly became a lot more professional! Early starts, long days, throw in djing, studio-time it was quite a hectic time! I learned how to balance different aspects of work, social, music life and I think that’s helping me a lot of here in LA!


Speaking of your life now, how is it being an Australian producer in LA? Does being an Aussie help or hinder your US career?

There are so many Aussies over here it’s not like I’ve left at all ahahaha. Americans still think my accent is British which is always a laugh. L.A. is a dance music hub at the moment, there are so many artists coming through on a regular basis so you’ve got the chance to work with some amazing people!

Have you gotten yourself a medical marijuana card yet? Does In-N-Out Burger live up to the hype?

Hahaha no defs haven’t got one of the cards. In-N-Out is just the tip of the burger ice berg. You’ve got 5 guys, Shake Shake, Umami Burger, the list is endless!

Living so close to Hollywood, should we expect to see you on the screen again anytime soon?

Hahahah I’m actually staring in this new show, its basically entourage for deejays. LOL just kidding, no plans yet but who knows!

If you could work with anyone in film or television though, who would you pick?

LARRY DAVID & JERRY SEINFELD!!! I’m a massive fan and couldn’t think of anyone better to work with!

How did you feel after Calvin Harris hand picked you as his support for the OMNIA Residency?

It’s a really honour to support such a talented and genuinely awesome dude. Omnia has to be my favourite club I’ve ever been into let alone played at and I get to play there every week!!!

Does everything really stay in Vegas, or does it follow you home sometimes?

Nowadays with social media everything follows everyone everywhere!! I don’t mind though, I like showing people what they’re missing out on!

Generik’s latest single Late At Night is out now on OneLove Recordings

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