Love Letter To A Record: Voyager’s Simone Dow On Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

Many of us can link a certain album to pivotal moments in our lives. Whether it’s the first record you bought with your own money, the chord you first learnt to play on guitar, the song that soundtracked your first kiss, the album that got you those awkward and painful pubescent years or the one that set off light bulbs in your brain and inspired you to take a big leap of faith into the unknown – music is often the catalyst for change in our lives and can even help shape who we become.

In this series, Music Feeds asks artists to reflect on their relationship with music and share with us stories about the effect music has had on their lives.

Here are their love letters to records that forever changed their lives.

Voyager’s Simone Dow On Nirvana’s Nevermind

Dear Nevermind,

The moment I first put your cassette tape into my tape deck, I knew my life would never be the same again.

You changed the way I looked at and felt music. Music became more about emotional connection, than just sound after listening to you. You were also the reason I started to play electric guitar (I was learning classical guitar through a scholarship at this time). As an unhappy pre-teen, I felt like Kurt understood me. His words and music were the anthem to my youth. Funnily enough, I still feel that spark inside me when I play the album today as an adult.

Thank you, Nevermind, for igniting a passionate fire inside of me for music, that has now become a blazing inferno. I owe the very music career I have today to the notes and words inside this album.

Love always

Simone Dow


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