Love Letter to a Record: Verticoli on At the Drive-In’s ‘Relationship of Command’

Music Feeds’ Love Letter To A Record series asks artists to reflect on their relationship with music and share stories about how the music they love has influenced their lives. Here, Tasmanian alt-rock band Verticoli confess their love for At the Drive-In’s post-hardcore landmark Relationship of Command.

Hobart three-piece Verticoli released the single ‘True Love’ on 6th July. The track builds on the “big, hard and hefty” sound of the band’s previous single, ‘Hits of the Summer’. Verticoli will wrap up their ‘True Love’ launch tour with shows in Hobart and Launceston this weekend.

Verticoli’s Sam Hunn on ‘Relationship of Command’

Dear At the Drive-In,

When I was first getting to know you as a band, you were so rough around the edges. Eclectic, always exciting, but often inconsistent. This made you a little hard to love, but I was intrigued, and your potential was obvious.

Then, in steps Relationship of Command, a beautiful ball gown of aggressive, infectious post-hardcore. The album’s power was immediately felt. The way it combined passion, melody and raw energy on tracks like ‘One Armed Scissor’ and ‘Cosmonaut’ was like no other album or band. The tightness but chaos in those drums; the incredible structure of ‘Arcarsenal’; the soaring chorus of ‘Enfilade’ and the contrast between the choruses and verses.

You made me realise how much punk and post-hardcore had to offer. Along with bands like Refused and your sister band, Sparta, you gave me an example of genre-bending beauty I will always strive to live up to. And you showed me what exciting and left-of-centre drums can do to bring the best out of a riff. Thank you for existing. I will always carry your lessons forward with me.

  • Love,
  • Sam

Verticoli – ‘True Love’

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