Meg Mac: “It Is A Good Time To Be Singing”

Soul-pop sensation Meg Mac, known to her mum as Megan McInerney, has moved from strength to strength ever since she won triple j’s Unearthed Falls Festival competition last year. She’s since been tagged as one to watch in 2014 by triple j, and the young, soulful powerhouse is certainly living up to expectations.

She’s secured serious airplay with all three of her singles, Known Better, Every Lie and the bluesy Roll Up Your Sleeves, and now she’s selling out dates on her first-ever national tour.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter is also gearing up for the release of her debut EP, MEGMAC, slated to drop Friday, 12th September, the same day as her sold-out performance at the Newtown Social Club. Should be one to catch, if you can get in.

Music Feeds recently caught up with Meg Mac to hear what fans can expect from her upcoming tour, her inspirations and what it feels like to start spreading into the international arena.

Watch: Mec Mac – Roll Up Your Sleeves

Music Feeds: You’ve had a whirlwind 12 months. How are you feeling in the lead-up to your EP release and tour?

Meg Mac: I am so excited to finally release something so I can feel like a real singer with an EP! I’ve never been on tour so I am excited to sing in some new places and just get out there singing for people.

MF: Two of your upcoming shows from your very first Australian tour have already sold out and you’ve had to add more shows in even bigger venues. What should fans expect from a Meg Mac live show?

MM: It has given me so much motivation for my rehearsals and planning of the show, I am thinking about it constantly. I want it to be like a real show. Dramatic but casual in all the right places, I want it to be strong and striking and I will sing my heart out. This is all in my head at the moment and I will try my hardest to make it happen.

MF: Fans have really responded to your meld of soul-pop and electronica. Who do you count among your primary musical influences?

MM: It is a good time to be singing, I think. I still love all my old singer favourites like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Edith Piaf but I love all the new people now doing the soul-pop thing. I have been pretty inspired by Frank Ocean and James Blake the last couple of years.

MF: When did you start writing your own music?

MM: When I was about 17 I started writing music, I would play chords on the piano and sing. I became obsessed with the idea that I could be the first person in the whole world to sing these melodies and lines I would make up.

I like to be by myself in a dark room even when it is beautiful and sunny outside. It started as just little ideas and hundreds of recordings on my phone, and last couple of years I have been writing whole songs. My lyrics are just what I think about stuff, nothing fancy.

Watch: Mec Mac – Every Lie

MF: As well as enjoying radio play in Australian, some of your songs, like Roll Up Your Sleeves for example, are making their way to listeners in the US. Are you getting some good feedback from overseas?

MM: Roll Up Your Sleeves was played on KCRW in America, the presenter tagged me on Twitter and I got so excited that my song was on the radio outside of Australia! I have made a trip over to the US and will be again soon to catch up with some label type people that want to meet me. It is exciting to think I can reach people away from my home.

MF: You struck a chord with your cover of Broods’ Bridges recently, even getting the thumbs up from Broods themselves. Did you catch them while they were here? Any chance of a collaboration in the future?

MM: Yeah, Broods liked the cover! I never even dreamed that they would hear it, can’t believe how nice they are. No, I didn’t get to see them.

MF: If you could choose anyone to cover one of your songs, who would it be?

MM: Oh, wow I have never thought of this. Someone posted a video of my song Every Lie slowed down on Youtube, it was pitched down and sounded like a guy singing. I thought for a while that I sounded better like that – so now I want to hear a boy sing my song.

MF: 2014 has already been an eventful year for you and you haven’t even kicked off your tour yet! What’s on your agenda once that finishes up?

MM: After a long nap I think I will keep working on my next project.

Meg Mac’s debut EP, ‘MEGMAC’, will be out Friday, 12th September. Check out Meg Mac’s upcoming tour dates here.

Watch: Meg Mac – Known Better

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