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Metal: Reinventing The Steel

Written by Michael Carr on October 2, 2008

Well hello and welcome to Reinventing The Steel, Music Feeds’ heads up on what’s rad in metal. With so many great acts coming out, as well as a series of highly anticipated albums to be released let’s jump straight in.

First off let’s talk…

On the back of releasing their mammoth sixth album obZen, the high lords of math-tech-groove-whatever metal will be landing on our shores in all their longhaired Viking glory (minus old cue-ball Kidman) to lay waste to The Roundhouse on Oct 13. If you’ve never heard them head to to check em out, I’d recommend Bleed, the drumming is inhuman.

Phil is back, following up the band’s last show opening for Black Sabbath last year. Good old swampy metal, they’ll be rocking The Roundhouse on October 11.

Also on the back of a new album, the mask wearing poster boys of metal are also doing the rounds playing Acer Arena on Oct 26. Now I know the new album isn’t the greatest, and who the fuck ever wants to try and actually see a band at the Acer Arena, but come on, it’s Slipknot. Oh and Machine Head are supporting, can you resist.

With their latest album Ultra Beatdown currently gut-punching people in the face with it’s video game inspired guitar wankery, DragonForce are bringing their all dancing, all drinking and all acrobatic live show to The Metro on Oct 28 and 29.

That’s right fucking Carcass. Having been credited not only with pioneering grindcore or goregrind as well as melodic death metal, if you don’t go see these guys at The Metro on Oct 12, you may as well go fuck yourself with a rusty pole. Check em out at

Monsters Of Metal Vol. 6
Nuclear Blast and Riot have just announced the latest instalment in this great series. Vol. 6 features clips from artists such as Meshuggah, Soilwork, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Arch Enemy, Agnostic Front and many others. 2 DVDs, 66 clips and over 3 hours of video, MoM 6 promises to bring some extra brutality into living rooms around the country.

Album Of The Week
Motorizer: Motorhead

Lemme and the boys are back with Motorizer, another testament to their ability to rock at some of the most astounding levels. You’ve got to check out Rock Out, it’s actually just Ace Of Spades redux but fuck it rocks, and the rest of the album is far from disappointing. If you’ve been aching for ages for something to drink Jack Daniels to, this is the album for you. Rock on.

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