Millencolin Run Us Through New Album ‘True Brew’

23 years is a hell of a long time to stick to anything, let alone a band, but somehow Swedish punk legends Millencolin have continued to not only succeed as one of the foremost rock bands in the world, but constantly shift their sound to stay on the bleeding edge of the musical climate.

With album number eight, True Brew, set to drop this Friday, April 24th, we’re set to see the four-piece return to their roots after an admittedly more commercially geared attempt with 2008’s Machine 15.

In the country recently for Soundwave 2015, Mathias, Nic, Erik and Fredrik came by Music Feeds Studio to catch up, giving us an exclusive breakdown of the new album and delving into the stories and inspirations behind each of the thirteen new tracks.

Chatting to Music Feeds presenter Harrison, guitarist Erik discussed the approach the guys took when entering the studio for the latest album. “We went back to focusing on ‘What is Millencolin? How do we sound when playing live and how do we capture that energy?’ This time around… our old inspirations like Pennywise and those bands are there. It’s almost like a ‘best of’ of our old sounds.”

Asked about what it’s like recording in their very own studio they also touched on the danger of being too relaxed: “There’s both an up and a downside to that though, it’s like you’re at home and you do normal stuff and you can come and go as you please.”

[mfvideo yt=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szY23hpfPS4 sb=1514775]

Taking over the couch, Nic and Mathias then opened the lid on the new album True Brew, breaking down each track, exclusively for you lucky Music Feeds readers.

The boys dropped some surprising details about the new music, including how Gene Simmons influenced one of the tracks, what tunes they consider “poppy” and how the “shortest song we ever wrote” came to be.

[mfvideo yt=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j16Behn9dUU sb=1514773]

Live footage courtesy of Erik Ohlsson

‘True Brew’ is out digitally on Friday April 24th via Epitaph. Stream it in full below.

Gallery: Millencolin @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne 23/02/15 / Photos by Tony Proudfoot

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