Millions – Milk, Fire Engines and Deloreans

Indie Pop act Millions are making they way south to play MUM @ World Bar this weekend. Drummer, James Wright gave us his time to give us some insights into Millions. What are they all about? Read on….

Music Feeds: How did Millions first start?

James Wright: Millions started after the demise of Comic Sans and Stature::Statue. We had all been friends for years and decided to get together and see what happens when we tried our hand at pop songs. We have collective experience with getting our hearts broken, being misunderstood and all that stuff.

MF: How would you describe your sound?

JW: We take a lot of influence from Motown and other soul music, so I hope people can hear some of those traits coming through. Dom’s vocal timbre has been likened to Alex Turner, but that comparison is fairly superficial once you listen a bit harder. There’s a bit of a garage/lo-fi influence in some of the sounds we like to use as well. We’re big fans of Smith Westerns, Girls and that sort of newer thing happening too.

MF: What would you spend your first million on?

JW: A studio perhaps… I don’t know, maybe a Delorean (car) each for the band? I need new cymbals, so we’d have to factor them in somewhere.

MF: What’s the weirdest gig you’ve played so far?

JW: Probably the most recent one we did, the last ever Graves at Elsewhere down the Gold Coast. Our first time playing there and people were all up in our faces getting into the music and bouncing around, certainly not what we were expecting. Venue wise we also recently played a party in a WWII aircraft hangar, which was wild. The setup had crazy lights, smoke and bubble machines, which made it seem like we were a much better band. We’ve only played about three shows so I’m sure there’s plenty of weirdness to come.

MF: What can Music Feeds’ readers expect from your set when we see you play MUM on May 27th

JW: Well to Sydney all our stuff is new, it’ll be our first Sydney show ever. You’ll certainly hear our new single Those Girls as well as Citrus, which has made the rounds at Triple J in recent times, along with some newer material which we’re preparing just for our Sydney adventure.

MF: And if they wanted to buy you a drink after the show, what should they order?

JW: Campbell will have a Fire Engine, Steve will have some manner of European beer, Dom will have a rum and coke (mate) and I’ll have a glass of milk.

MF: First track you’d put onto a mix tape?

JW: Above The Clouds Gang Starr. Intro to that song is killer and the production/verses are spot on. R.I.P. Guru.

Millions Play Mum @ Worldbar this Friday 27th May

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