Music Feeds Faves – 10/04/15

Each week the Music Feeds team pick a favourite new song from the week that was, wrap it in a bunch of words and present it to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

METZ – Spit You Out

Does your Friday need more searing stop-start guitar riffs? If so, look no further. Toronto noise rock outfit METZ are back with another juicy headbanger from their forthcoming second album, II.

The track, titled Spit You Out, showcases an obvious debt to grunge music, partly thanks to some aggressive vocals from frontman Alex Edkins. Make sure to stay tuned for the whole five minutes too; just when you think the song is coming to a close, it kicks back with that reckless METZ abandon.

METZ dropped their impressive debut album back in 2012, and II is already shaping up to be even better at giving listeners heart palpitations. The album is due out in Australia on 1st May. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Boulevards – Forgot To Mention

If you, like I, usually take your Fridays with a little dose of shimmery disco funk, then take a number please because Jamil Rashad, aka, Boulevards, is here to help.

The latest jam from the North Carolina funk master, Forgot To Mention, oozes all kinds of electro-funk, nu-disco, sequin-covered, party-starting goodness. And dear God that bass. Do not resist the groove. Go with it. / Nastassia Baroni, Staff Writer

Twin Caverns – Truth

Truth off Twin Caverns debut EP Glass Balloons is a meticulously engineered and multifaceted soundscape. Computerised blips cut deep-groaning synths, tinny tappings synchronise with the sound of crumpling paper and a flute and guitar share a melodic exchange.

All this is hemmed in by Millar, whose soft cadences weave tight the fabric of the song. The whole thing feels like a sonic dance between the natural and the artificial, the solid and the ghostly. The point is that you have to listen to this song. So prepare yourself for some beautiful and neat meandering. / Luke Bodley, Presenter

DRAW – Wave Rider Blues

Sydney alt-rock sons DRAW’s new song Wave Rider Blues is a mesmerising stumble through a desert while tripping on psychoactive cactus. The relentless drawling beats, mournful blues melodies and creeping distortion of the title track from the band’s recently-released EP collide to create a head-swimmingly Soundgarden-esque vibe.

Much like its accompanying music video, which features rare, original footage of one of America’s first ever nuclear blast tests, the song is a successful exercise in fusion, which packs a pretty hefty impact. 10/10 would bang. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Shag Rock – Champagne

More like a nice cup of tea on a cold as balls winter afternoon than the titular champagne, this newie from Brissie indie-rockers Shag Rock would also, quite suitably given their band name, be a fairly fitting accompaniment for a nice, gentle visit to bonetown.

With starkly solitary guitar lines that sparkle out of the void and crooning contemplation such as “You were the quiet one that sewed up all the seams” Champagne is mournful and hopeful at the same time. Put the kettle on, love. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

Eddie Boyd and The Phatapillars – Bad Timing

The Blue Mountains blues/grunge trio have released their debut single Bad Timing, along with a video clip in the next few days (we’ve been promised some cross dressing!). The song itself follows the demise of a relationship that hasn’t even begun and centers around that sweet ukulele, mixed with lead singer Eddie Boyd’s scratchy and ocker accent, which, along with some heart breaking, yet uplifting, lyrics makes you get a case of #themfeels.

Imagine John Butler and Peter Bibby ran into Jack White’s car and they all formed a band to pay for the damages. The boys just released their debut EP Lover And A Fool and will be touring all over the country in the next coming weeks! Definitely ones to watch this year. / Harrison Fuller, Presenter


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