Music Feeds Faves – 12/02/16

Each Friday the Music Feeds team share the tunes they’ve been frothing on this week to give you the ultimate weekend playlist to discover new tunes!

Lonely The Brave – Black Mire

Remember that period of time in the late nineties where every serious Hollywood blockbuster came packing a surging rock theme song?

In this veritable golden age of cross-promotional synergy, City Of Angels had Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris”, Con Air had Trisha Yearwood’s “How Do I Live” and Armageddon had Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” – all of them appearing in the flicks themselves to underscore climactic emotional moments.

And that’s exactly the vibe I get from UK act Lonely The Brave’s debut single off their 2nd studio album, Black Mire.

Produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, MIA) and packing an anthemic Gaslight Anthem-style chorus combined with Bruce Springsteen-like melancholy, the tune feels like it should start blaring during that scene in a movie just after the hero has screwed up royally, as the director cuts to a montage of him or her all alone and downtrodden-like, reflecting on the hopelessness of their situation (just before some other character turns up to give them an inspiring speech about why they should never give up, inspiring said hero to pull their shit together, go kick some ass and save the day).

Black Mire is both fire and water, rousing and poignant, equally likely to inspire you to raise your fist in the air or shed a single lonely tear. Maybe we’ll hear it in the inevitable Deadpool sequel. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Grenadiers – Live Fast, Diabetes

Adelaide punks Grenadiers are back with this ripsnorter of a new single, dubbed ‘Live Fast, Diabetes’, the first taste of their brand spanking record, slated for release later this year. This thundering tune is a bit Green Day, a bit Queens Of The Stone Age – but with a decidedly Australian POV. Also, in my humble opinion, references to “paté”, “peacocks” and “infant’s turds” are criminally absent in many a song lyric and I for one am thankful the Adelaide trio are doing their part to right this wrong. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor

Alice Ivy – Touch

If you like your music sprawling, exploratory and unable to stand still in a particular genre, then may I introduce to you the divine Alice Ivy and this stunning new track Touch.

The Aussie producer brings The Avalanches style of ethereal beats on top of warped samples into 2016 with this track which hits hard with dynamic brass interjecting over slowly building, smooth electronica. Plus the music video is a sensory experience all of its own. That opening is like Mario Kart’s Star Course but on acid. UGH, I feel like I need to take this song out to dinner this Valentines Day cause I’m seriously in love. / Mitch Feltscheer , Creative Director


Motez – Down Like This (Ft. Tkay Maidza)

In 2003, I sat wide-eyed in front of my big bertha TV (its dimensions were that of a small european car). I was watching The Matrix Reloaded. I will never forget the way that my 11 year old self swayed hypnotically to the Zion party scene. Ohhhh….that palsied dance-orgy – all those bodies and their rhythmic paroxysms. I did not know it at the time, but the scene felt so kindred because it tapped into the primal-’me’.

This is exactly what Down Like This does. It reaches past all my artifice and pretending, and pulls out the dance-animal. So pop this song on and imagine that you are at a post-apocalyptic dance-off. Dance like the world is balancing on a serrated knife edge (it is). Dance like the lifeless octo-robots that hunt you. Dance like me. / Luke Bodley, Presenter & Contributer

Loose Tooth – Bites Will Bleed

Melbs three-piece Loose Tooth are set to open their voracious mouths and take a chunk out of the Aussie music scene with debut EP Saturn Returns due to drop in April, and first single Bites Will Bleed has been unleashed on us.

The makers of crunchy guitar-pop stay entirely on point in the new track, feeling at once both understated and relaxed and punchy as fuck. Click play and allow the wooze to wash over you like a refreshing blast of air-con on a filthy hot day. / Mitch Feltscheer

Art Vs Science – You Got To Stop

Sydney leaped with a collective stacks on over Mike Baird this week after his ~ let’s call it contentious ~ Facebook post defending the city’s lockout laws was unleashed. Discarding for a second the fact that the thing may have been riddled with dodgy facts, there’s nothing quite like declaring you’re not going to change any of the laws, BEFORE the actual review into the laws takes place.

Business figures, artists and a one punch victim have all ripped the post to shreds, and even noted shock jock / anthropomorphised boiled potato Alan Jones has slammed the laws as “ridiculous” – a harsh reality for many lockout opponents to come to terms with.

This debate has been good. It’s necessary. And a surefire way for voters to affect change is to make their voices loud. But we’re talking about Sydney’s live music community here too. A collective of people who have “a very particular set of skills” they can employ to further the debate.

And as Art Vs Science demonstrate, there’s nothing quite like some ’70s disco-inspired dance punk to drive the point home. #casinomike: You’ve got to stop.

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