Music Feeds Faves – 12/06/15

Each week the Music Feeds team picks a favourite song from the week that was, wraps it in a bunch of words, and presents it you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Kira Puru – All Dulled Out

If you’re in the market for a new break-up song, first off, my condolences, you’re better off without them, you weren’t meant to be together, everything happens for a reason, good riddance, what even is monogamy? Time for you to do you.

Secondly, Melbourne artist Kira Puru’s got your back. You might recognise her soulful tone as the voice of the Redfern Now theme song, or maybe you saw her playing alongside Paul Kelly as feature vocalist on the Merri Soul Sessions tour.

But on this new single, her debut, Kira Puru distorts those jubilant soul sounds, into a beautiful, delicate and twisted heap of pain and sorrow – most likely resembling that state of your heart right now – and almost wails, somehow beautifully, the words, “It never goes away”.

Oooof, the feels. / Nastassia Baroni, News Editor

Basenji – Petals

All the bigotry this week: the base homophobic rant of Ten Walls, the threat by a marriage-loving couple to divorce if SSM is passed, and a circulating video of a burly policeman swinging black girls around by their hair. It’s all got me feeling a bit fuck-the-world frustrated. I will action positively, to counter the refuse produced by the hating. But, before I do that, I need a beautiful tune to soften me. Luckily, Basenji (feat. Scenic) has released a new single, Petals, filled with smile inducing sounds.

It all begins with this watery piano, and then a crooning falsetto flies in gently. It tells us to “Let the feeling take over”, as a blended beat structure plays beneath. The song is minimal but eclectic. In fact, a lyric perfectly describes it’s soul: “Every colour mixed together make another reality in my galaxy”. That is what it feels like, a vibrant but light collision of cosmic hues. So make sure you listen to this galactic colour mixture. It’s helped me let go of my frustration. / Luke Bodley, Presenter


Girls Names – Reticence

Northern Ireland + four peeps + lo-fi tunes + post-punk influence = Girls Names

Scratchy guitars + surf vibes + an Irish accent + bright melodies + repetition + unexpected ending = Reticence

Third studio album + 2nd October = Arms Around A Vision / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Palms – Bad Apple

When the opening wailing chords of Palm’s newy Bad Apples first washed over me like the spray from a slightly-too-warm VB can, I was instantly transported back to one of the numerous dingy, dark little pub venues I’ve witnessed the beautiful chaos of Al Griggs and co. during the past couple of years and I instantly felt perfectly content and oddly sweaty at once.

I almost feel that if you live in Sydney’s inner-west and you don’t have at least one memory of exhilarating joy that is inextricably linked to a Palm’s song, then you may have to ask yourself if you truly live in Sydney’s inner-west.

Bad Apples is everything I aggressively love about the outfit. The no-fucking-around mentality of getting straight to the squealing, punchy heart of the thing, the little concern for enunciation, the catchy as all hell melodies, all work together to encapsulate what Palms are ultimately here to do: have a fucking ball with you. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director.

Hudson Mohawke – Warriors

HudMo has been churning out some impossibly euphoric tracks of late but nothing has even come close to the triumphant Warriors. As the name would suggest it’s a titan of a song. The vocal melody is huge enough but then he adds a choir and denser synths for a mammoth chorus that makes Florence + The Machine’s grandeur look minimal.

Warriors is the song that should end all his sets. Forever. It’s the type that gives goosebumps and for just over three minutes makes you feel as if you could build Rome in a day.

A monster of a track from a monster of an album, Lanterns. Let’s hope he’s headed to Australia soon. We need dem feels. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

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