Music Feeds Faves – 17/03/17

The Music Feeds team is ready to wax lyrical about tunes we’re digging and show how ~cool~ we are when dropping that new music knowledge. Here we’ve wrangled together the fresh new songs that made an impact on us these past few weeks, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Solomon O – ‘Holograms’

Dear Coldplay fans, Brissie virtuoso Solomon O’s debut single Holograms has arrived and I’m pretty sure you’ll be vibing on it like Chris Martin with a weird baby name. An uplifting mid-tempo electro-pop ballad with a driving dancefloor beat and dizzying array of synth effects, the tune hits like Coldplay mixed with Major Lazer. At times it sounds a retro arcade game and listening to it is just as fun as playing one. Treat yourself below. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

SUPER CRUEL – ‘November’

So, it turns out, combining the forces of two of Australia’s most exciting producers with the tender vocals of one of Australia’s most talented singer-songwriters, makes for one hell of a debut tune. Whodathunkit? SUPER CRUEL is the name of the new joint venture by Tigerilla and Porsches and their first release November features dream-like guest vocals from Lisa Mitchell. It’s a hell of a debut tune, the two producers expertly melding their club-honed techniques (and well-timed drops) around Mitchell’s subtle but hypnotic vocals. It looks like SUPER CRUEL are the hot, new super group on the block and it’ll be exciting to see who they team up with next on their sure-to-be-following releases. Plus, the above pic demonstrates they already have the merch on point. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Jonti – ‘Scrood’

Sydney lad Jonti has been writing and touring with The Avalanches as of late, and you can definitely hear it on his long-awaited return single ‘Scrood’.

The offspring of a late-night jam session with guitarist Steve Lacy from The Internet (who features on the recording), ‘Scrood’ is a flowery mix of swinging rhythms, guitar, layered vocal harmonies and Avalanches-style strings. Basically, it’s Jonti’s first new solo material in five years, and it was worth the wait.

Speaking about the track, Jonti says he “envisioned a story to go with it of a man walking through a burning city to get to this person he loves.”

“Which is a metaphor,” he adds, “saying that even though it feels like the world is falling apart, I’m still going to try do my best and soldier forward with love.”

There’s no official word on a follow-up to Jonti’s 2011 album Twirligi just yet, but we’re hoping something pops up soon. / Tom Williams, News Editor

New Venusians – ‘Game Change’

Along with a great band name, Sydney-based outfit New Venusians are making some out of the world music. ‘Out of this world’, in the sense that their style is rooted in a kind of astral, other-worldly R&B. Their latest single ‘Game Change’ sees the seven-piece taking some expert twists, moving from angelic, Hiatus Kaiyote-reminiscent future-soul grooves to psychedelic guitar breaks, thick synths, delicate harmonies and jazz-like intervals. It’s a sonic feast and feat, certainly one that could only be executed by a group as musically talented as this one – made up of Australia’s most sought-after session musicians. ‘Game Change’ will feature on New Venusians’forthcoming self-titled debut album, dropping March 24th and I for one cannot wait to see what else they have in store. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

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