Music Feeds Faves – 29/05/15

Each week the Music Feeds team picks a favourite song from the week that was, wraps it in a bunch of words, and presents it you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Howl At The Moon – Russian Thistle

When Melbourne rockers Howl At The Moon released their debut album Squalls back in 2012, I was captivated. “Squalls is one of those terrifically auspicious yet inherently rare debut albums,” I wrote in a review, after becoming completely enamoured with the album’s raw intensity.

Reviews like that can seem overly positive if your love for the album dies off, but with Squalls it never has. That’s why, this week, I was keen as a bean to hear Russian Thistle, the first taste of Howl At The Moon’s next album, which has the working title A Slave To The Ghost.

Partly inspired by ignorant responses to climate change, Russian Thistle’s scratchy alt-rock is dark and nuanced, with some typically dramatic vocals from frontwoman Katie Scott. Howl At The Moon’s second studio album is due out in August, and if this track is anything to go by, it’s sure to kick some serious ass. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Chris Baio – Brainwash yyrr Face

The bassist of Vampire Weekend, Chris Baio, has released the lead single and opening track, Brainwash yyrr Face for The Names (to be released this September). This song feels like a blustery mishmash of 90s sound artefacts, so much so that I cannot shake a resurfacing image of a prepubescent me playing Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy Colour. It was both thrilling and frightening to be stalked by a single-pixel Pikachu through Kanto. Pikachu and I share one thing in common and that is that we both refused to evolve (’90s nostalgia rant ends in necessary self-deprecation).


In contrast, Baio’s song is one that constantly evolves. It starts with this delicate little melody flecked with clean tap-beats, and then develops wide, yawning synths in the background. Light wooden clicks and ticks accompany the chilled-drawl of the vocals. A schizophrenic mangle of a woman’s voice erupts in the sonic centre. After that, everything becomes this epic transformer-esque party with lofi drums, bright electronic beeps and synthetic loops. Despite its peculiar ability to arouse memories from my dark (dark yellow) past, this song is perfect for the 2015 me. I am sure you will feel the same. / Luke Bodley, Presenter

Tear Council – My Car

The sublime reunification of former Van She legends Matt Van Schie and Michael Di Francesco, who you may also know from his solo project Touch Sensitive, continues to set my genitals aflame in a way that, unlike that time during my last trip to Mexico, does not require the application of any creams. It’s a good burn… so deep.

My Car is another slice of sex-drenched disco from the Sydney duo, grabbing a mess of ’80s synth and throwing in a handful of brisk percussion that feels like a series of welcome, firm smacks on the arse. I’m sorry, I really can’t talk about this song without continually referencing my special zone. Wait, I’m not sorry at all. CAN I LIVE? / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

cln. – Left Behind

Brisbane producer cln. had a few golden moments last year on instrumental tracks but it seems lately he’s trying his hand at vocals and it’s working in his favour. With the added weapon he’s opened this whole new dimension to his music which is evident on his last track Hold Me and this one, Left Behind. Both tracks come from a new EP which will be dropping in July and it looks like it’s going to be a dark, brooding set of tunes.

Left Behind sees his vocals manipulated and contorted over a flurry of dense synths and Flume-esque beats. He gets the balance completely right by using his vocals purely as a melodic tool rather than letting them over-shine the lush instrumental. It’s definitely a moody, introspective track but you can’t help but feel it’s a triumphant victory lap for him because it’s so obviously a career highlight. / Sam Murphy, Staff Writer

Client Liaison – Cruel (Remix of The Preatures)

Here’s what you need to know:

The Preatures + Client Liaison + Much sax


That’s it. Now kick your shoes off and dance. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor


Backyard Babies – Th1rt3en Or Nothing

Music Feeds Faves, you need more cowbell.

Luckily, Backyard Babies have got you covered. The Swedish sleaze rock veterans have just returned from a 5-year hiatus, unleashing the very first song off their long-awaited sixth studio album, Four By Four. Eighties hard rock nostalgics will find the new tune, entitled Th1rt3en Or Nothing, an especially satisfying soundtrack against which to drink their straight Jack Daniels, courtesy of its funky riffage, talk box guitar lines and, naturally, sufficiently shout-able lyrics about rock n’ roll. One thing it won’t have you shouting?

more cowbell

/ Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

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