Music Feeds Wants YOU To Be Part Of Our Sunday Stream Sessions

You may have noticed that things have been absolutely pumping over here at Music Feeds Studio, but we’re taking things to an even crazier level with our Sunday Stream Sessions – and we want YOU and YOUR BAND to be involved! We’re looking for all types of musicians keen to come in for a short set to be broadcast live throughout the entire interwebs and recorded for posterity.

You may have caught our most recent session which featured the likes of PaperCrane, Lily So & The Bellows, Gnome and Hailer – you can see some clips below.

For future sessions, we will be keeping things in a much similar format. 4 or so bands will make up the bill for the evening, giving a good mix of creative vibes for your fans to ingest. And with a fully kitted-out studio at your disposal, it couldn’t be any easier. These events are always a wicked cool time for all involved, and the best part is the whole sesh will be uploaded to YouTube instantly, so the memory can live on and be shared with all those who missed out.

If you want in on this totally unique opportunity, email us at [email protected] with a bit about your band along with any press material and links to your website/Facebook/Soundcloud/whatever you have that we can crank.

Check out the below footage from our previous live streams to get an idea of what will be happening on the day.

Note: We also have a fridge full of beer so those who apply must be partial to a chilled bevvy afterwards.

Watch: Highlights from Sunday Streaming Sessions

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