Musicians Who Have Perfected The Art Of Mask-Wearing

Thanks to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, wearing a mask in public has never been more popular, and more necessary. As our cities adjust to life in the pandemic era, the streets have become one giant masquerade ball, as people don the mask to do their best to stop the spread of this nasty virus that has blown up life as we know it. People taking steps to preserve the health of others? You love to see it! Superheroes, the lot of them. As Batman once said, ‘I wear the mask to protect those closest to me.’

There was a time, however, pre-Masked Singer, pre-bushfires, pre-COVID 19, pre-this shitstorm we’ve come to know as 2020, when wearing a mask in public was the relatively exclusive realm of criminals, cosplayers, superheroes, luchadores, Andrew Lloyd Webber characters and musicians. With all due respect to the other five vocations, we here at Music Feeds have always held a particularly special place in our hearts for the latter.

So in reverence of their contribution to making masks cool, we’ve put together this list of our favourite masked musical maestros. They may not all be suitable for preventing the spread of a pandemic, but they do all look pretty freakin’ rad. So throw on your mask, turn up your headphones and get ready to pay tribute to our trendsetting masked musical maestros.

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