PREMIERE: Human Noise Build Tension On New Guitar-Driven Single ‘One Time’

‘One Time’ is the latest single from Sydney four-piece Human Noise, premiering exclusively on Music Feeds.

‘One Time’ is the third single of the year from the collective of Eddie Boyd, Monty Richmond, Josh Spolc and Clayton Allen. The band’s previous releases, ‘Bad Language’ and ‘Colourful Shirt’, both gained Triple J support. Triple J’s Declan Byrne described ‘Colourful Shirt’ as having “power and mood” and said that “the build and pay off is right on the money.”

In contrast to the jangly pop noise of their previous singles, ‘One Time’ is a tense and steady climb towards a distant peak, centring on the one chugging chord.

“I wanted to write a song that really just built itself off a single chord,” said singer/guitarist Eddie Boyd. “I love the tension that comes from just clinging to that drone for the first 3 and a half minutes before it finally releases into the outro.

“There are these long screeching guitar solos with the band chugging along underneath and it really lends itself to being drawn out when we play live.”

‘One Time’ will appear on the group’s debut album, Animal People, which is due out on Thursday, 21st October. The album is dominated by themes of friendship, anxiety, frustrations and self critique. In this context, ‘One Time’ deviates from the pack.

“I feel like it’s a really nice break from an otherwise quite lyrically led album,” says Boyd.

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