New York Duo Roses & Revolutions On Their New Single ‘Moment’ & Drawing Inspo From Aussie Bands

New York-based duo Roses & Revolutions trade in perfectly crafted alternative pop tunes that simmer with a darker underbelly, imbuing their songs with depth via hints of country and r’n’b sounds. They’re an exciting act to watch develop and the proof is in their latest single Moment, which dropped overnight.

Moment sounds purpose built for a movie soundtrack, its slow burning, reverb-heavy start helmed by guitarist Matt Merritt and building to an anthemic crescendo, giving way to singer Alyssa Coco’s soaring vocals.

Merritt and Coco say ‘Moment’ is their favourite song of theirs to date.

We caught up with the NY-based duo to chat about the story behind ‘Moment’, their most memorable band moments so far and which Aussie artists they’re inspired by.

Music Feeds: ‘Moment’ is an anthemic track, how do you predict it will be received by your fans and the wider audience?

Roses & Revolutions: We’re really excited to share ‘Moment’ with our fans and new audience. You can never predict how a song will resonate with people, but we feel strongly about this one, and it’s our favourite song we’ve written so far. We’ve been playing it at live shows and the response has been amazing so far.

Is there a specific story behind the new single that inspired its conception?

R&R: ‘Moment’is actually kind of a collection of multiple stories and emotions that we were experiencing during the time we wrote it. The song is really about remembering that moment that started everything. That moment that you want to get back to, where everything was right and made sense.

What’s the best moment you’ve had while on tour as a duo?

R&R: Our favourite moment was actually recent. We played at the Orlando House of Blues to a sold out crowd and the energy was electrifying. This was the first time we took a drummer with us on tour and everything together – the venue, the crowd, and the full band – all connected and made it a very memorable show and moment for us. It’s everything you dream of as an artist.

If there was a moment in life you could relive, when would that be and why?

R&R: If we had to pick a moment, we both agree it’d be going back to our early childhoods. When everything was new and fun – there were really no worries, except what to do after your homework was done.

Your cover of The Weeknd’s song ‘The Hills’ is fantastic; would you ever consider performing a Roses & Revolutions version of an Australian favourite and if so, what would you cover?

R&R: Thank you! Maybe we could arrange an R&R, dark & moody version of ‘Down Under’! That’d be a fun one.

Moment is a great addition to plenty of Aussie summer playlists – even though we’re moving into the winter months – what’s your ideal summer playlist consist of?

R&R: Ooh! Thank you! Here’s a few from our current playlist!:

Same Old Blues – Phantogram

I Know A Place – MUNA

I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis

Elephant – Tame Impala

Radio – Sylvan Esso

Bellyache – Billie Eilish

She Lit A Fire – Lord Huron

Angela – The Lumineers

Pray – Bishop Briggs

No Good – Kaleo

High Enough – K Flay

UGH – The 1975

American Money – BORNS

Are there any Australian bands you draw inspiration from?

R&R: Absolutely!! We’re big fans of Vance Joy, Tame Impala, Sia, Atlas Genius and tonnes more.

What are some Australian bands you would love to share the stage with?

R&R: There are so many! We’d be honoured to share the stage with Vance Joy, Betty Who, or Tame Impala.

Aside from the release of the new single, what’s next for R&R?

R&R: We’re currently finishing up our EP, which will be out this summer! We just finished some dates with Kaleo and will be on the road some more this spring and summer.

Do you guys have any plans to grace Australian shores in the future?

R&R: Can we come now? Haha

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