Papa Vs Pretty Talk Second Album ‘White Deer Park’, Open-Ended Music Videos And Touring

One of Australia’s most happening acts, Papa Vs Pretty will soon be making good on the hype with their sophomore album, White Deer Park. Expanding their sound and lineup organically over a number of EPs and their introductory album, 2011’s United In Isolation, Papa Vs Pretty have now become a favourite both on stage and in headphones.

The recent news of their soon-to-be-released second album White Deer Park stirred new interest, coming hand in hand with its first single, My Life Is Yours and its accompanying music video.

There’s a lot going on in the Papa Vs Pretty camp right now, so we caught up with bassist, cellist and backing vocalist Angus Gardiner to give us some guidance on exactly where the outfit is headed leading into the new album cycle.

Music Feeds: Hey, Angus, stoked to get some of your time in these busy, busy days. I understand you have been working on your sophomore album White Deer Park. You released United In Isolation in 2011. What are the points of differences between the two you’ve noticed so far?

Angus Gardiner: There are a few. United In Isolation was written and produced over a much shorter period of time so as a result I think the breadth of the songs stylistically, sonically and thematically is narrower.

This new record, White Deer Park I think covers a little more ground in those ways, and I think is a more mature album, since the songs as a group were written over a longer period of time. We were more selective with what songs we actually included on the album so I think they are stronger and more mature songs in that way as well.

MF: It would be great to hear about some of the recording process. I see you’ve been working with Dave Trumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket, OK Go), which must be amazing. How much say did he have on the final product?

AG: It was a really fun experience to work with someone like Dave. Thomas [Rawle, vox] met him in LA when he was over there on holiday and writing some songs for the new album, and I think he pushed and pulled the songs and the album in new and interesting directions.

He also introduced us to new foods including Chicago-style pizza pie. That was an experience we will never forget.

MF: I understand you were doing something of a studio crawl. Where have you guys been recording and do the different environments influence the vibe of your recordings?

AG: That’s true. We did most of the tracking in Sydney at Studio 301 and then took things up to Scott Horscroft’s studio at Forgotten Valley to do a bit of additional layering. Then we mixed the album and did even more layering at Dave’s studio in LA.

The room at 301 had a great influence over what we were doing in terms of reverb. It’s just a great sounding room for the drums and for the strings and vocals. And Dave’s place was just really nice. He had a pool there and we would sit out in the backyard with our laptops and eat tacos and work on the sessions. That’s how you make a record.

MF: Your new song My Life Is Yours dropped not too long ago. How well does the sound of this track prepare us for its brothers and sisters on White Deer Park?

AG: It does encapsulate some aspects of the sound of the rest of the record, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily directly reflective of the rest of the songs in a linear way. I suppose you’ll have to hear the rest of it and you’ll know what I mean.

Watch: Papa Vs. Pretty – My Life Is Yours

MF: Jeez…that clip… It’s creepy. Where did the idea for this one come from?

AG: We worked with the video director Chris Frey who came up with the rough concept, which we then refined together. Again, it’s sort of connected to the song in a non-linear way and we did intend for it to be quite open-ended. Watch it closely and take what you want from it!

MF: The release date for the album has been pencilled in for February 2014. What’s left to go on the album? Are you able to lock in an exact date yet?

AG: The album’s all done, we’re just going to release a couple of singles before the album comes out. Not sure of the exact date but it’ll be February sometime.

MF: I imagine you’ve been rehearsing damn hard for your release shows. How are the new tracks looking in the rehearsal space so far? And how much of White Deer Park is going to make it to your live setlist?

AG: These live shows we are going to play a few older songs and a bunch of songs off the new record. They’re sounding really good I think. It’s been great having Luke [Liang, new guitarist/keyboardist] in the band because the songs have a whole new dimension and dynamic live. Can’t wait to play. These shows should be a lot of fun.

MF: Speaking of which, will Papa Vs Pretty be announcing a national run of dates soon?

AG: We have two shows this week. Wednesday in Sydney at Oxford Art Factory and Thursday in Melbourne at Howler. That’s all we’ll say for now!

Papa Vs Pretty’s new single ‘My Life Is Yours’ is out now. Launch show details below.

Papa Vs Pretty My Life Is Yours single launch dates

Wednesday, 25th September

Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Tix: Via www.moshtix.com.au and www.papavspretty.com.au

Thursday, 26th September

Howler, Melbourne

Tix: Via www.moshtix.com.au and www.papavspretty.com.au

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