PREMIERE: Adelaide’s Sasha March Unveils Darkly Upbeat Alt-Indie Bop, ‘Ten Days’

Adelaide-bred, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Sasha March has shared a charming new slice of alternative indie-pop dubbed ‘Ten Days’.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the upbeat yet melancholy bop showcases the artist’s expressive vocals and heartfelt lyrical storytelling steeped in wistful nostalgia.

“‘Ten Days’ is probably the most upbeat song I’ve written,” March explains.

“It still has a touch of dark optimism though which always creeps in. It’s not only about falling in love with someone, it’s also about falling in love with places and the feeling of something…letting it consume even though it will end, it might hurt, or you might get completely lost and never be able to quite find that same feeling again.”

The product of a collab with producing-engineering super team Ollie Brown (Julia Stone, The Iron Horses) and Steve Smart (City Calm Down, Flume), March’s ‘Ten Days’ is tailor-made for a summer road trip through the countryside.

Take it for a spin below.

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