PREMIERE: Get Lost In The Pretty, Dreamy Haze Of Ben Wright Smith’s ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’

Ben Wright Smith’s brand new track, ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ is a hazy jam filled with euphoric vibes that would perfectly soundtrack a road trip to the beach. What’s more, it’s premiering on Music Feeds here today!

The new single is taken from Wright Smith’s upcoming EP Volcano God Head Explodes. It was first recorded at Robbie Williams’ home studio over in LA, before being brought home to Melbourne. It was there that Ben Wright Smith and friends fleshed out the song.

On recording the song in Robbie Williams’ house, Smith says, “Lachlan from Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird was recording at Sunset Studios in L.A. and I was hanging at the studio with him.

“He was trying to teach me some chord scales to help me get better at the Piano. I kinda fudged what he told me and I ended up with these cool chords. I’d been spending most of my days up at Robbie’s (Williams’) house playing pool and using his studio with my friend Tim.

“I started playing around with these chords on a keyboard and Tim thought of this weird Reggaeton rhythm and the song kinda grew out from that.”

Wright Smith then engaged engineer, David Turner (Amy Shark, Dan Sultan) to mix and master the single.

“I guess I was thinking of some times when I wish I said or did something, but decided that it could wait until tomorrow. The problem was that tomorrow always becomes today, so it’s easy to put things off forever if you live like that,” said Ben Wright Smith on the single.

Volcano God Head Explodes will follow up PSYCHOTROPICAL from 2018. Ben Wright Smith at this stage, is offering a free show in Melbourne this Friday, 20th March.

Volcano God Head Explodes is set for release Friday, 3rd April. ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ is out officially on Friday, 27th March.

Ben Wright Smith Current Tour Dates

Friday, 20th March

Labour in Vain, Melbourne

Tickets: Free Show

Sunday, 3rd May

Echo Tone Guitars Melbourne

Tickets: Free Show

Friday, 19th June

Frankie’s Pizza Sydney

Tickets: Free Show

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