PREMIERE: Listen To Billy Fox’s Lush, Meditative New Single ‘Neighbourhood’

Sydney producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Billy Fox has always excelled at combining smooth R&B vocals with inventive, forward-thinking electronic production. Latest single ‘Neighbourhood’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially drops tomorrow, is no exception.

Following on from previous single ‘Hurry Up and Crush Me’ back in February, it’s a vibrant, lush alt-pop bop with warm synths and understated production, all anchored by Fox’s velvety croon.

There’s obvious comparisons to be made – there’s a good chance be a fan if you’re into the likes of Jarryd James, James Blake, RY X or Glass Animals – but there’s something distinctive about the soundscapes Fox builds on ‘Neighbourhood’, the coalescence of different textures, that defies easy categorisation.

“There’s been a period recently where a lot of us have gone back to close quarters, spent more time at home and had more of an obvious connection to local neighbourhoods and communities,” Fox says of the meditative new song’s genesis.

“In this space and quiet, it also allowed us to reflect on and think about some pretty big issues and ideas collectively as a society. It feels like an important time so this song is a reflection on that.”

Listen to ‘Neighbourhood’ below.

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