PREMIERE: EBONY Embarks On A Nightmarish Journey In Captivating ‘Sleep’ Video

In the time since releasing her debut single ‘Skin & Bone’ last year, Sydney singer-songwriter EBONY has risen at a meteoric pace. Now, the neo-soul artist is set to breach the stratosphere with the release of her follow up track, the pensively dreamy ode to a nightmare that won’t give up, ‘Sleep’, the captivating video for which is premiering today on Music Feeds.

In her own words, EBONY describes the concept behind ‘Sleep’ as “the back and forth of fighting off a lingering nightmare.” Faced with thoughts and feelings that just won’t let up, EBONY uses ‘Sleep’ as an example of pushing back; whether it be against phobias, insecurities, or mental illnesses. With ‘Sleep’, EBONY wants to remind listeners that they aren’t alone in their battle, whatever it may be against.

The video, produced with MY Media Sydney, takes place in an old prison, adding volumes of depth to the concept. Following EBONY, a captivating dancer as well as songwriter, while she flows, flinches and grooves her way through the tangled torment. According to EBONY, the marriage of sound with vision on ‘Sleep’ was far from an after thought.

“It wasn’t even at the end of writing the song, it was at about a quarter of the way through writing that I decided I didn’t want ‘Sleep’ to just be a song, but an entire project. To me, the lyrics and production of the track were really powerful and created so much imagery and I had this urge to bring the evolving story-line to life.

“Dance and visuals are two aspects that I believe can really enhance a listening experience and heighten the emotion of a song, they’re both such powerful elements that I’ve always wanted to include in my project alongside the music. I continued to write the song whilst simultaneously plotting out a choreographed music video in my head.”

Since setting airwaves and headphones ablaze with ‘Skin & Bone’, EBONY has gone on to tour with the likes of Tash Sultana, LDRU, Amastro and performed at Your Paradise Festival in Fiji. Now that she has our attention, the stage is set for EBONY.

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