PREMIERE: Eli Greeneyes Unveils New Confessional Single ’21’

Feeling like we’re not getting any wiser with age is as relatable of an experience as any, and Eli Greeneyes explores it with passionate introspection on new song ’21’.

Set over a summery Britpop inspired melody, reminiscent of Oasis with hints of YUNGBLUD, Eli Greeneyes’ voice teems in desperation and anguish as he screams “Fuck my life at only 21“.

“I wrote it in about 15 minutes about how depressed and scared I was about living my life the way I truly wanted to at 21 years old,” Greeneyes said in a press statement.

“I was becoming my own person and for some reason the thought of that was terrifying.  A lot of this song is about figuring out who I am and feeling like I realised it too late, looking back at wasted time and how I wasn’t sucking the marrow out of life like I should’ve been.

“I was so pent up with childhood trauma and all that bullshit that I wasn’t seeing and enjoying all the positive things in front of me.”

Listen to ’21’ below.

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