PREMIERE: ELLE Deliver A Stunning Double Whammy With Two New Singles

Pop duo ELLE have unleashed a brand new double single today, dropping ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ and ‘Siren’, complete with two new music videos.

While ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ is one of the duo’s most delicate exports to date, ‘Siren’ serves as the perfect counter – giving experimental and world-building R&B.

“Unlike our first two singles, ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ and ‘Siren’ both very much spilled out from me with little external prompting or inspiration,” ELLE vocalist st. James says.

“I finished the lyrics and melody for ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ in about an hour. Each song feels like a time capsule for specific moments in my life. They’re a departure from our earlier, tightly produced pop singles, but I think these two will instantly feel like home in our listeners’ hearts.”

“Honestly, it was a bit scary to totally rethink our sonic approach so soon into our careers!” ELLE producer Richard S. He continues.

“‘Siren’ is the most ambitious production we’ve ever done – to me, it evokes all the highs and lows of our creative relationship. But ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ is our softest song, and maybe our purest…

“It sits on a razor’s edge of beauty and melancholy, of wrong and right. We hope both tracks give you two very different snapshots of our future as ELLE. Really, there was no choice but to release them together.”

Both songs are taken from the act’s forthcoming mixtape Love As A Metaphor. Watch the videos for ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ and ‘Siren’ below. You can also stream the two singles here.

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