PREMIERE: Grace Farriss Drops Incredibly Funky New Single ‘All The People’

Grace Farriss grew up in a family that had music run through their very bloodline, and her new single ‘All The People’ only continues that legacy.

It’s sonically rich and incredibly layered, with her stunning feather-light vocals riding the striking punchiness of the brass-driven melody perfectly.

In case her surname seems familiar, her father is Andrew Farriss who was, of course, the main composer behind INXS which means her love and understanding of music is essentially genetic.

“‘All The People’ came about while I was thinking deeply about the larger and more worldly aspects of life,” Farriss said in a press statement.

“The chord progression and rhythm of the song came first, very strongly, and then I put the melody and the lyrics over the top at the same time. I ended up singing the lyrics unknowingly and the meaning became more obvious the more the song took life.

“This song is an explosion of my heart and I feel in many ways at this time, the world’s heart. I have always had such a deep fascination with how all of the world’s cultures united and came to be and how we all interact with one another and interconnect through our wonderful cultural differences.”

Farriss is set to release her debut album Grace later this year, as well as her poetry book Poetry, Sayings and Stories. ‘All The People’ is set for release tomorrow, June 24th.

Listen to ‘All The People’ below.

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