PREMIERE: Halsey Meets Thirty Seconds To Mars On Powerful New Single From Sydney’s Volte, ‘I Am Not Alone’

Sydney shooting star singer-songwriter Volte has only been around for a few months, but he’s already been more prolific than many artists who’ve been around five times that long.

Tomorrow, he unveils his debut EP, Bipolar, and we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek of the disc’s final track ‘I Am Not Alone’, which contains the soul-pop vibes of Halsey and The Weeknd with the emo power of Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Speaking with Music Feeds, Volte explains that the process of writing the song came as a real healing experience at a time when he was feeling at his lowest.

“I wrote ‘I Am Not Alone’ coming out of a massive low I had been trying to shake for a week straight,” Volte says. “It’s the fastest song I’ve ever written I left my house on the way to the studio filled with self doubt, hating a song I had been passionate about only 2 weeks before, and on the drive to the studio I just started singing the thoughts in my head out loud.

“The whole song came together in 20 minutes from start to finish and as I progressed through the lyrics, I started to feel better, like I was really unloading something honest”.

He continues: “I remember my producer Pete Holz’s face when I told him we to scrap everything we had done the day before and start a whole new song from scratch I had written on the drive over. But as soon as I played it to him, he understood, I don’t know if it resonated with him in some way personally, but we both really clicked that day and finished the entire song.”

Lyrically, Volte adds, the song sees him come face to face with his mental health struggles.

“I wanted to reflect how its always been for me, I’ve struggled with depression ever since I can remember but have always managed to keep going no matter how dark it gets,” the artist admits.

“Music has always been something for me to lean on, just to hear someone’s voice through the speakers telling me what they are going through and being able to identify with that makes the world of difference. I hope this song can do that for someone else.”

Give it a listen below.

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