PREMIERE: Idiio Delve Into The Murky Waters Of A Doomed Relationship On Brooding New Track ‘One Night’

Gold Coast via Christchurch two-piece Idiio are fast making a name for themselves in the brooding electronica realm of the Australian music landscape, and their new single ‘One Night’ is the perfect indicator of why these guys are ones to watch.

Taking sonic cues from the likes of Sampha, Sohn, Anohni and Nick Murphy, on ‘One Night’ Idiio expertly mix haunting, soulful vocals with woozy, slow jam production to tell a universal story about a souring relationship.

“‘One Night’ is a calling from a higher energy that touches on a relationship that you are pouring your heart and soul into,” vocalist and guitarist Tyler Vivian tells Music Feeds. “You’d grow with that person being the blossomed flowers on the tree that represents you. But the higher energy gives you insight to be weary about who this person really is, under all the roses. Put trust in that consciousness, put trust in your gut feeling.”

The track is the product of two years of work and revision, Vivian further explains, with recent developments in a personal relationship once again fuelling within him the song’s underlying sentiment.

“After a couple years of YouTube tutorials on music production for dummies I was finally at demo stage. At this point in time, I also had writer’s block. Everything I wrote, I hated. So I dived back into the murky water that was my external hard drive rekindled a spark with ‘One Night’. It started flowing right away and i was really happy about it, until I got to the second verse… I was stuck again. I let it sit for a few weeks and in that time I’d sparked another relationship. Not with a song, this time with an actual human being.

“I quickly came to the realisation that something was wrong. I just had a feeling. Details masked, I was right. The higher consciousness was right. As you could imagine I had a lot to write about after that so I deleted all the lyrics and started again. So, I thank you *anonymous* for writing ‘One Night’ for me.”

Give ‘One Night’ a spin here below.


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