PREMIERE: Lavrence Delivers ’80s-Inspired New Wave Vibes On New Banger ‘My Space’

Sydney artist Lavrence is bursting back into the airwaves, delivering yet another empowering banger drenched in joyous 80’s new wave vibes, dubbed ‘My Space’.

Launching off the back of 2018’s uplifting ‘Shine’, ‘My Space’ was originally born from a place of hurt and trauma but soon morphed into a call for openness, vulnerability and celebration – a message the Sydney artist has so far proved a master at delivering.

“It was around the time I wrote ‘My Space’ that I was actively working on some past relationship trauma that I had been carrying around for years,” explains Lavrence.

“The song had an entirely different identity at first, the original chorus went ‘get the fuck up out my face’ but as I was progressing and healing, I thought about what energy and message I wanted to communicate so I rewrote it to reflect a more vulnerable and open perspective.

“It’s so easy to become jaded and bitter when it comes to sharing your heart with others, especially when you inevitably accumulate difficult experiences as you grow up – we all do, but ‘My Space’ really became my ode to openness and connection.”

The track also comes to us today in the form of a delightful lyric video created alongside animator and artist AlexArts. Says Lavrence, “[The video] really depicts the inclusive queer community I surround myself with which absolutely had a helping hand in helping me find connection and belonging again.”

Dive into the premiere of ‘My Space’ here.

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