PREMIERE: Lawson Hull Shares Beautiful, Melancholic ‘Bad Habit’

We’re premiering a new track from Newcastle’s Lawson Hull today. It’s called ‘Bad Habit’ and it’s a melancholic, reflective single. Big Mac DeMarco/Bon Iver vibes on this one.

His lyrics unpack breakdowns and release confessionals with heart-breaking realisations. It’s echoed in lyrics like “God only knows the chances I’ve had, and everybody thinks I’m trying”, which Lawson Hull describes as the “punch line” of the song.

Chatting about the single, Hull says, “This song speaks of being caught up in my head about what it means to pursue music. I’ve always been on the cusp of taking it further but never knew what it looked like, even If I wanted to admit that I was trying.”

“I struggle hard with complacency and backing myself.

“Tonally, the song has a mixture of me realising this and the idea of being okay about it,” Lawson Hull continues.

He references the line, “God only knows the chances I’ve had, and everybody thinks I’m trying”.

“I guess this is the punch line. Anyone who remotely knows I make music always asks how the ‘music thing’ is going. I know people are being nice, making some small talk, but it’s the most ambiguous and annoying question because I’m faced with the bullshit I have to say next.

“At the same time, people seem to have a faith in me from afar, which I’m appreciative of.”

The jangly percussion throughout the track coupled with the lyrics, and their delivery, makes for an almost morosely optimistic sound. ‘Bad Habit’ is a super pretty song, catch it below.

‘Bad Habit’ will be available for streaming next Friday, 3rd April. Lawson Hull’s currently intending to put out his debut EP mid this year.

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