PREMIERE: Mayhemtom Combines Love, Burnout, And Grief On ‘Falling’

Musician and medical professional Tom John has looked deep into the ups and downs of life for ‘Falling’, the newest single from his Mayhemtom project. Described as a rumination on love, burnout, and grief all rolled into one, it’s a track informed by John’s day job as the Deputy Director of Medical Oncology at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

‘Falling’ is officially released on Monday, 8th August; Mayhemtom’s upcoming album, The Art Of Flying While Falling, is due to arrive in September. ‘Falling’ is premiering on Music Feeds.

Mayhemtom – ‘Falling’

John has spent a large portion of his professional career at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, making a living as an oncologist treating people dealing with cancer. Away from the field of medicine though, he’s an accomplished musician who uses his craft to reflect upon many of the issues he has dealt with in his line of work.

Mayhemtom’s latest single, ‘Falling’, combines orchestral arrangements and classic songwriting sensibilities, complete with a soaring, hopeful chorus.

“I was listening to quite a bit of The National at that time,” John says of the writing process. “The song itself is a love song written about my wife. It was while I was going through a period of burnout, stress and had just lost a patient similar age to me to cancer unexpectedly.

“I think during that week I had cried with his widow and young kids in ICU and was feeling particularly vulnerable. So it is love, burnout, and grief all rolled into one. I didn’t realise I was falling, I thought I was doing okay, until I took a step back and realised where I was.”

The Art Of Flying While Falling is slated to arrive next month and Mayhemtom will launch the album with a live performance at Melbourne’s The Toff In Town on Thursday, 13th October. The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are also getting involved, with a fundraising auction set to take place during show and a portion of all album sales to be donated back into the Peter Mac Centre itself.

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