PREMIERE: Melbourne Drummer Kat Greta Teams Up With Vocalist Charlie Lane on ‘Let It Go’

Melbourne-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kat Greta will release her debut single, ‘Let It Go’, on Thursday, 7th July. We’re premiering it on Music Feeds. ‘Let It Go’ features lead vocals from fellow Melburnian performer Charlie Lane.

‘Let It Go’ will appear on Kat Greta’s upcoming debut EP, Get Up & Go, which is due out on Friday, 5th August. Greta’s dynamic drumming is at the heart of ‘Let It Go’, but not at the cost of the song’s thematic hooks.

Kat Greta – ‘Let It Go’ feat. Charlie Lane

‘Let It Go’ provides a taste of the varied musicianship Greta displays on Get Up & Go. The single brings together vintage room sounds and slick modern production. There are gleaming keys, jangling guitars, the reverberating tones of Greta’s drumming, and a raft of hooky vocal melodies from Lane.

“‘Let It Go’ is about letting go of what isn’t serving you well, and finding the courage to be free,” said Greta. “Life is short. In this case for me, it was rediscovering the joy that playing the drums brings me.”

Greta had a hunch she wasn’t living out her dreams. Finally, she summoned the confidence to get behind the drumkit and start writing songs. “I just needed to take a leap of faith and find the courage to do it,” Greta said. “Also, on a very personal note, my parents are both living with degenerative illnesses and it really brings home for me the notion that life is very short.”

Greta will launch ‘Let It Go’ at Melbourne venue The Old Bar, in Fitzroy, on Thursday, 21st July. The Get Up & Go EP launch is happening just down the road at The Workers Club on Sunday, 28th August. The EP will be available digitally and on vinyl.

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