PREMIERE: Melbourne’s The Last Martyr Unleash Ferocious New Melodic Post-Hardcore Jam, ‘Fear’

Melbourne riff monsters The Last Martyr have returned with a massive new slice of melodic post-hardcore dubbed ‘Fear’.

Premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below, the heavy-hitting jam is for fans who enjoy a combo of soaring melodies, pummelling guitars and tastefully employed, goosebump-inducing screams.

There are two main concepts to ‘Fear’,” vocalist Monica Strut explains. “The first is about realising that sometimes your fears aren’t your own; they are the fears of others projected onto you. This is almost always because your actions are bringing up someone else’s own limiting beliefs and insecurities which they haven’t been able to overcome.

“The second concept is really about the fact that in order to live life to the fullest, we need to overcome our own fears and limiting beliefs and we have a responsibility to encourage others to do the same,” she continues.

“Fear is our brain’s way of protecting us from danger. I believe that life is not necessarily about being ‘Fearless,’ but about rationalising our thoughts and taking action regardless.

The huge tune also comes packing some mesmerisingly dark, high-concept visuals, directed by Her Name Is Murder Productions (SepulturaThy Art Is Murder and Ocean Grove).  

Strut explains that the band wanted to go with a strikingly abstract theme “to demonstrate the complexities of human thought around the topic of ‘Fear’”.

“A mirror motif is used throughout to not only highlight the way in which others project their own fears onto you, but also the fact our fears stem from the inner workings of our minds, as opposed to anything external,” she explains. 

“Our fears leave us trapped because they distort reality, so we tried to emulate this with many of the scenes.  

‘Fear’ has been sliced off The Last Martyr’s debut EP Creatrix, which is due to drop on Friday, 26th April.

Catch it premiering below!

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