PREMIERE: Motion Sickness Find Comfort In The Uncomfortable With Debut Single ‘Any Excuse’

Emerging from Sydney’s inner west, Motion Sickness brings together songwriter Maia Marsh with Harry Fuller and Cash Williams. They’re all established musicians in their own rights – Marsh has performed as part of Ainsley Farrell band and Ultracrush, Fuller for Julia Jacklin and Ruben Neeson, and Williams in Goodside.

With Motion Sickness, the trio have established a confident and idiosyncratic voice right out the gate, one that finds comfort in the discomfort, teasing out those tensions to create something unique.

“For me, the feeling of motion sickness is not always being comfortable with moving forward,” says Marsh about the band’s moniker.

“Also, I’m quite a nauseous person.”

‘Any Excuse’ is their debut single. Set for release Friday, 3rd October, it’s an emotionally meandering, introspective track that combines the best elements of Marsh’s back catalogue with a kind of grungy angst that sits just right.

“An important aspect of our writing and construction of songs is finding that balance between light and dark, while honouring the essence and feeling of the skeleton song,” says Marsh about the track.

“Capturing those moments of ear-to-ear-grin and of tension and unease, creating sudden walls of sound that kind of topple you over. We really went for that with this track.”

Listen to ‘Any Excuse’ below. Motion Sickness will launch the single on Saturday, 12th October at the Union Hotel in Newtown, with supports from Lady Lyon and Darby.

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