PREMIERE: On ‘Monster’, Nic Rollo Confronts His Demons With Lush Synth-Pop

On latest single ‘Monster’, Perth-based producer Nic Rollo pairs glistening synths, lush guitars and a propulsive beat with introspective lyrics that centre on acknowledging the kneejerk things we say out of anger and frustration, taking accountability and battling one’s own demons.

With ‘Monster’, there’s a textural, atmospheric quality to Rollo’s shimmery synth-pop that’s in the same ballpark as something like Saturdays = Youth era M83.

“‘Monster’ was written during a previous relationship of mine when things were a bit shaky. There were a few times that I’d said something to my ex that had started to cause fractures in the relationship and unnecessary conflict,” explains Rollo.

“‘Monster’ is about that side of myself that I don’t always like – the part that is impulsive and lashes out when I should just hold my tongue instead.”

The new single follows Rollo’s EP What Happened to the Kid, released last year, and is the first from his upcoming album Fractures.

“It feels fantastic to finally be releasing ‘Monster’. I wrote the song over a year ago and have been sitting on it for what feels like forever now. To date, it is probably my favourite song that I’ve written, and I’m super stoked to finally be able to share it with people.”

Listen to ‘Monster’ below.

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