PREMIERE: Rapper KG Inspires Positive Action In New Aussie Hip-Hop Anthem, ‘Change’

Canberra hip-hop artist KG makes music with a message, and his fresh single ‘Change’ is no exception.

Whereas his previous single ‘Black Boy’ was a brutal and honest account of the oppression that people of colour still face today, ‘Change’ broadens its outlook to encourage people of all races and backgrounds to embrace positivity and progression.

“’Change’ is about inspiring social change in our community for everyone,” the MC says of the Taka Perry (Ruel, Okenyo) produced track.

“Also, by doing one thing to help someone disadvantaged is better than doing nothing at all. The song is designed for the everyday person struggling and how they can overcome life struggles by making a change in their lives.

KG penned the empowering anthem after spending months visiting Indigenous communities to learn more about their culture, and he’s dedicating ‘Change’ to the marginalised sectors of Aussie communities who need help and positivity the most.

“Change in needed in our society every day, whether it be sports, politics, basic human rights, its something we all need to be reminded on so I wrote the song to do just that, inspire everyone to make a positive change in their own lives or someone else’s, cause one change is always better than none,” he says.

First making an impact with his triple j-frothed debut single ‘Mabo Martin Mandela’ last year, KG’s connection with his African heritage and culture permeates his music.

His father, Seretse Ratlhagane, a freedom fighter alongside Nelson Mandela, passed down a sense of justice and drive in pushing for social equality and awareness of the issues facing young people in particular.

Catch ‘Change’ premiering via Music Feeds below.

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