PREMIERE: Rich Webb’s ‘Love Someone’ Calls For Humanity And Respect

Rich Webb’s new single, ‘Love Someone’, is out this Friday, 25th February. It calls for better, more humane treatment of asylum seekers. We’re premiering it on Music Feeds.

The Melbourne-based Webb wrote ‘Love Someone’ in response to the ideologically motivated poor treatment of asylum seekers in this country.

“As much as I love Australia, we are really crap at managing refugees and asylum seekers and have been for many years,” Webb said. “It’s totally wrong and needs to change, like, yesterday. We’re all human and in many ways, we are the same – we love the same, we feel the same, we hurt the same.

“I wanted to write a really simple song that addressed that basic feeling, to get to the core of the issue, which is simply about having love and empathy for someone else.”

Webb is joined on the track by bass player Hugh Martin, drummer Jim Carden, trumpet player Charlie Woods, mandolin/pianist/guitarist Phil Wakeman, guitarist Rod Berglund and backing vocalist Mezz J Coleman.

Rohan Sforcina (Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Ferla) recorded and mixed ‘Love Someone’ at Melbourne’s Head Gap studios. ‘Love Someone’ follows Webb’s 2018 LP, Le Rayon Vert, and the 2020 single ‘Railroad of Bones‘. ‘Love Someone’ is the first taste of Webb’s next album, which is coming out via his own label, All Killer Music.

Listen to ‘Love Someone’ below.

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