PREMIERE: Stream Melbourne Punk Boyband Reside’s Powerful New ‘Closing Doors’ EP

Melbourne’s indie punk boyband Reside are back with a brand new EP dubbed Closing Doors.

The six-track serving of thrashingpowerful rock doesn’t officially drop until this Friday, 27th October but Music Feeds are stoked to present the disc’s official premiere below.

A war-cry against the over-produced pop trash that dominates modern music, Closing Doors is also a personal and emotional record for the members of Reside.

Closing Doors is a personal piece from the perspective of four guys making their way through life, but the charm in what they do is the honesty and reliability; anyone can understand feeling lost,” says singer and guitarist Liam Guinane

Closing Doors sums up a period in my life. Whether it be relationships, the people I meet, the music I listen to, whatever internal struggles I’m having. The writing was very personal.”

While drummer Dylan Houston explains: “When I first started writing with Liam for Reside, we were pretty sure that it was just going to be a studio project, and something to break the monotony of our other endeavours.

“But even from just showing mates the demos, it was received well. Like, way too well to not follow through on. The deeper into it we got, the more offers for shows we got, and the more incredible feedback we received from peers. Sometimes even local idols.”

He continues: “For me personally, this year has been probably the most emotionally taxing to date, but I guess that’s what the early 20’s are about. It makes me feel pretty lucky to be able to collaborate with three great dudes who are all having this experience in their own way, and be able to reflect that through our music.

“All of us take an amount of creative liberty which, for me at least, has been super therapeutic, and I feel like the amount of love we’ve been putting into this has so far been reciprocated by all of the people who’ve enjoyed it enough to give us their feedback, and that’s pretty special to me.”

You can stream the entirety of Reside’s forthcoming EP Closing Doors below.

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