PREMIERE: Sydney Rockers The Florins Unveil Debut Single ‘In The Sunshine’

Sydney five-piece The Florins are bringing the British invasion to Australia, and they’re doing it with a rockin’ debut single called ‘In The Sunshine’.

Influenced by ’60 and ’70s rockers like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Kinks, The Florins formed in 2015 after graduating from Sydney’s Macquarie University.

They went on to release a debut EP in 2016, before going on a brief hiatus, and now they’re back with the high-energy ‘In The Sunshine’, which gives off some serious Beatles-meets-Jet vibes.

“We reckon there’s not enough rock and roll to go around at the moment, so we’re looking to change that,” frontman Bradley Owens tells Music Feeds.

“The song is about giving myself a second chance, but on a surface level it’s just a feel-good summertime track. It’s rock and roll plain and simple, but with a ’60s British invasion feel to it.

“We knew the song had something devilish about it when one of the guitar amps caught alight mid-solo!

The Florins — that’s Bradley Owens (lead vocals/guitar), Monjie Echevarria (lead guitar), Jonno Keen (bass), Zach Odgers (rhythm guitar) and Sam Falco (drums) — will support Just Breathe at the Hornsby Inn on Saturday, 2nd December.

Stream ‘In The Sunshine’ in full, below.

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