PREMIERE: Sydney’s Exhibitionist Unveils Mesmerising ‘Hands’ Video

Sydney-based musician Kirsty Tickle has today unveiled the music video for ‘Hands’, the debut single from her brand new solo project Exhibitionist.

“‘Hands’ is about growing up and letting go of your insecurities in order to give the best of yourself to a relationship,” Tickle tells Music Feeds. “It’s about feeling vulnerable and trying not to be too self-destructive.”

The mesmerising visuals for the song also play off this juxtaposition between vulnerability and strength, video director Josiah Eastwood employing the use of dance and the symbolism of white fabric to illustrate the push and pull of exerting sexual identity.

“I feel like we ended up with a clip that is visually so stunning and matches the vibe of the song so well. It’s dark and creepy and there are some magnificent shots in there, it makes me feel uneasy,” adds Tickle.

“It is such a visually stunning clip, but we DIY’d as much as we could. Everything was shot on camera, so we had our friends Brett, Rikki, Dan, Mike and Reese throwing white fabric around the room and wrapping lengths of it around me to whip off to achieve all the effects. And fog. So much fog.”

A multi-talented artist, Tickle also plays alongside Jonathon Boulet in their two piece art project Party Dozen and has been a touring member for bands such as The John Steel singers, Henry Wagons and Parades.

‘Hands’ is only the first single from Exhibitionist and is out now.

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