PREMIERE: The M.O.A. Remain Hopeful On New Single ‘Marbles’

It’s been a big year for Melbourne’s The M.O.A., following the release of their debut single, and now they’re keeping the momentum up with new track ‘Marbles’ and it’s bloody powerful.

With a sound reminiscent of Kirin J. Callinan, frontman Daz Houghton looks back on the pain he’s endured throughout his life – and continues to endure – but remains focused on the good. The track’s powerful, accompanying clip also follows this narrative.

“‘Marbles’ is a reflection on adolescence and the years that follow as you get older,” Houghton said in a statement.

“The way that things you see and do young can repeat and manifest throughout life. From taking acid in classrooms to witnessing and experiencing brutal violence. The valleys and peaks of navigating life in an environment where most people around you seem downtrodden and hopeless.”

“Trying to fit into work environments such as factories and construction where the climate is generally treacherous. A nod to the importance of friendship throughout testing times and how good stuff can still come out of the bad.”

You can catch the M.O.A. play at this year’s NYE On The Hill.


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