PREMIERE: The World Is Rackett’s Playground In The Trippy ‘Machinations’ Video

Just one fortnight ago Rackett unveiled new track ‘Machinations’ – a glitchy, electro track packed full of weird and wonderful sounds and super tight production. Today, Rackett has blessed Music Feeds with the premiere of the track’s wonderful film clip.

The film clip matches the track’s celebrated weirdness, full of inverted and warped colour schemes as we follow Rebecca Callander (Rackett) around while she does random things — like zooming around a carpark in wheelie sneakers.

This single is the first of many Rackett tunes to come over the next year. Callander says the song, “means to create a sense of delusion, a scheme.”

“The chorus, ‘Out of my mind, imaginations got me out running wild, remember that time I fell out of my mind, into machinations’ summarises a feeling of grand delusion. I lost my mind, devising a plot to move forward.”

“The video clip was made in Sydney on a rainy, dark day. I went out to Heely with my friend who had his camera. Because of the rain, there was no one around and I felt like I had the whole world to myself,” says Callander.

“It was like a doomsday, so I just turned it into my giant playground. It was pouring with rain and I was going out of my mind after being indoors for days. I had fun, I didn’t have to censor myself, I just imagined the world was mine and what I could do with no one looking.”

Check out the film clip for ‘Machinations’ by Rackett below along with her East Coast dates.

Rackett East Coast Dates

Tickets on sale now

Saturday, 16th November

The Chippendale, Sydney

Tickets: Official Website

Friday, 22nd November

Pride of Our Footscray, Melbourne

Tickets: Official Website

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