PREMIERE: Thomas Keating Delivers A Stunning Heartfelt Jam With ‘Cold Night’

All of us now know a feeling of loneliness and isolation that we’ve never experienced before, and Thomas Keating has encapsulated that in his stunning new single, ‘Cold Night’.

With deeply evocative lyrics – “I dissect your text one syllable at a time/and I try to remember a time I felt alive” – over lush strings and warm guitar, ‘Cold Night’ is a slow-burner that will you hit right in your heart.

“A few years ago, I moved to Melbourne for the year,” Keating explained of the inspiration for the song in a press statement.

“I moved in the middle of winter, I was living in Fitzroy and I was feeling pretty down and lonely since I hardly knew anyone in this new city, and I could not believe how cold it was! I was working at this café at the time and I would start at 6 in the morning and walk to work. I came up with lyric for the chorus as I was walking to work one morning.”

 Speaking of 2020, Keating said “It’s been a really interesting time.

“It has pretty much taken touring and performing off the table for me.  I moved into a new studio though, with a bunch of other musicians, so I have actually really enjoyed the time writing and collaborating.”

Listen to ‘Cold Night’ below.

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